Most-beautiful-long-haired-dog in the World!

by Lana

Do you know that you are the owner of the Most-beautiful-long-haired-dog in the World?

Yes, Coton de Tulear is one of the World’s Most Beautiful Long Haired dog for a reason. Long hair is the signature of the breed & in many cases the reason to keep your Coton’s skin protected from the strong sun & more…Coton’s eyes need protection from the sun especially during the summer time.
I absolutely understand that we all have busy & stressful life but at the same time we always have a choice to have a short-haired dog when we choose the breed to adopt.

Seduced by the beauty of the breed we forget something very important – respect for the breed. No offence to anyone of course. Just an opinion to share…

I see when you like to keep your dog’s coat of the ground & keep your dog clean in all important places – make it short but find a way to keep your adorable Coton – the Most Beautiful Long Haired dog - do not give up.
If you will not cut Coton’s face hair/bangs, it will grow long enough to keep it up – like a pony-tail. One problem is solved – eyes are open and clean. No reason to ask your groomer to shave Coton’s face ever again.

If you let short hair around the nose and mouse grow nicely – it will fall down just after brushing it, never goes up! Looks clean & does not block the view.
Good coat conditioning ones a month will save you money and make you proud at the same time for keeping your Cotons as they should be the World’s Most Beautiful Long Haired dogs.

Best product that work:
Bio-Groom Silk Creme Rinse conditioner for Dogs
Chris Christensen - 27 mm Fusion Oblong Pin Brush
Cherry Knoll Coat Dressing AEROSOL
Chris Christensen 7.5 Inch Fine-Course Comb
Chris Christensen 5 Inch Fine-Course Face Comb
Crown Royale Ultimate Detangling Spray
Isle of Dogs Coature No. 10 Evening Primrose Oil Dog Shampoo or
Isle of Dogs Coature No. 01 Evening Primrose Oil Puppy Shampoo
Isle of Dogs Coature No. 51 Heavy Management Dog Conditioner

Hope it will work for you as it worked for me.
I do not have a single selfish bone in my body & trying to help you do the right thing.
Good luck!

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Feb 02, 2013
Health & great quality of life - long coat NEW
by: Lana

Long coat is not an obsession's all about health & great quality of life ...
This website has tons of questions asking the same advice : how to shave/cut Coton's coat.
It does not make sense to adopt a great long haired dog to shave him/her right away without even trying to do the right thing, it's very strange if you really think about it.
Short coat is convenient I suppose for the owner but what's important & many people do not consider it - long coat works as a sun-screen or a filter if you will, it protects the skin from being burned by the sun in the summer & evenly distributes humidity to keep the skin fresh and healthy. Coton's eyes should not be exposed to great heat, very bright light or radiation - long coat is the best protection you can wish for your dog.

Most dogs have lovable personality if you treat them right & take good care of them. Every breed is unique.

Show dog's world is completely different story.

Long walks, parks, agility games - my dogs favorite activities; tricks & obedience lessons come without saying, I am sure every good dog owner knows the ABC's of being a good dog owner.

Never saw my dogs feeling unhappy or uncomfortable about their coats. Encontraré!

For those readers who wish to preserve Coton de Tulear unique look, personality and health as one please remember that by the breed standards Coton should not be shaved, cut or trimmed on the back especially, Coton's coat must grow naturally & evenly.
Paws & tail area should be professionally cleaned or simply trimmed as needed.
Long nails should be clipped & ears should be free from inside hair & clean.
Anal glads should be checked ones a month if your Vet will recommend it.

I brush my dogs ones in 3 days but clean paws, face & such every day...if you know what I mean.
We have 2 long walk a day, and all the above activities I mentioned.

I have to thank everyone for the input & great discussion.
Every opinion should be heard and valued.
Whatever you choose for your Coton will be your responsibility & not one will take it away from you.

Feb 02, 2013
Cotons hair NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

During the show world for long haired dogs their world exists of long conditioning baths, hair rolled up in curlers, no outdoor walks since it may make the pads on their feet rough & if walking on a street in ur neighborhood their hair will absorb dripping from car droppings. Their exercise is a treadmill & laying on the couch so they do not get dirty.

Possibly u r saying short or semi long or long keep them mat free. Cotons r beautiful dogs & as history tells us Cotons used to follow along side horses for miles & were shown in the gun grp.

Cotons r wonderful companion animals. They luv laying out in the yd. when the weather is nice for hrs. They luv walks, the dog park, agility, frizbee, ball, swimming, obedience, tricks to name a few.

So I's assuming u r saying ur dogs coat should be for their convience so jaggers, leaves etc do not interfere w/their comfort. A happy, healthy dog really is not about how long u keep the coat it is about the quality of life they live in.

If u keep ur dogs coat short/semi short from lack of time then that is humane so grooming is minimal for both parties. By using ur xtra time u have w/ur pet by I don't know playing a game of ball is that not what inviting a dog into ur life all about?

Feb 01, 2013
Hair NEW
by: Anonymous

"Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
Hair, hair, hair.Flow it, show it,
Long as God can grow it, my (dog's) hair."

I'm inclined to agree about the uniqueness of the physical characteristics of the Cotons (including their hair), which in no way takes away from their personality. If properly cared for, it requires dedication daily. I comb my Katinka daily. It's a time that's sweet because it's a hands on bonding time. I took her to a groomer once and although she looked fresh and cute, she looked like any other dog with a puppy cut. Keep the breed unique!

Feb 01, 2013
Puppy Forever NEW
by: Linda

We are choosing to keep our 8 month old, Spencer, in a puppy cut. Though long-hair may be an original characteristic of the breed, we humans have been altering what is natural since we started domestically breeding dogs thousands of years ago.

I grew up in a family where we showed Great Danes. The ears were cropped, the tails left natural. Other breeds crop ears, or tails, or remove dew-claws - some changes are for "beauty" and some are "practical." My Welsh Springer had a natural tail and we kept it that way. However we do not hunt. If we did, his naturally long and feathered tail may have become caught in the brambles - why tails were usually docked for this breed.

Our puppy is already the canine equivalent of a Swiffer for leaves. He rarely explores the backyard without bringing a leaf in attached to his hair. For our family, it will be easier to keep him in a shorter, puppy cut. His face is hand trimmed, and we have a groomer that has knowledge of the breed and does an amazing job.

The most important part of our Coton is not his hair, but his amazing personality. Spencer is an amazing dog and we are so blessed to have him in our family!

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