Most likely a Coton!

by Ruth
(Pacifica, CA)

First dog, Mochi, entered our life after two years of researching dogs. I found her on Petfinder listed as a maltese-poodle mix and put in an application for her based on the temperament description (no picture was posted yet). Perhaps she is..perhaps not; I find her looks and personality more like a Coton. Whatever her DNA may be, she is an awesome match and canine!

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Jun 08, 2013
Looks Close NEW
by: Anonymous

Looks close, though Coton's rarely have ears that stick straight like that, they are a floppy eared breed, but even so, the easiest way to know if so, does it shed? If not, odds are it's probably a Coton or part :)

Adorable either way!

May 28, 2013
Mochi NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

We had a dog as a kid named Mochi. Yrs ago i was given a dog which was maltese/poodle mix. His name was Sach. He was a wonderful smart loving dog. People that see Jonah (Coton) & Sach cannot tell the diff.

When Sach got older I looked in my Simon & Schuter dog breed book 2 look their were Cotons. At that time u really could not find them in US 1979.

To make a long story short some 20 yrs later I found my Coton Jonah who I would still swear to this day that they were from the same soul. Since the Bichon family's make up were from Havense, Maltese, Poodle, Bolognese & I'm sure I've forgotten some all dogs r mixed 2 try & set a standard.

Mochi is so beautiful her eyes her face she looks like a loving soul to b cherished. She is family here on this site as r u. So please keep the pictures & posts coming 2 share the fun of growing up Mochi and welcome.

May 28, 2013
Mochi NEW
by: Anne

Sounds like you and Mochi are meant for each other. Love those ears and he does look like a Coton. That face!

May 28, 2013
coton ? NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

Whatever she is she is adorable! Looks like she could be but what really matters is if she is loved. Enjoy her and so glad you found each other.

May 28, 2013
I vote coton NEW
by: kayleigh

She looks like my coton. Very cute x

May 27, 2013
so cute NEW
by: kimberly

I vote Coton. Adorable!

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