More than a pretty face, he saved my life.

by Judith Gostisha
(Austin,Texas, USA)

T'was a foster that became my hero. WE were the perfect fit fron the start; he needed a purpose and a home, I needed a focus for my love. We prepared him to be a working dog, we suceeded. Four years, many training treats, some trials, Professionally trained. Congradulations Zorro Cooperman for reaching honors as a Medical Alert Dog. You have alerted the problem I was having, and if it had not been for Cooperman, I clearly would have died. He's more to me than a pretty face, he saved my life.

Coton's are intelligent, trained easily by with positive training methods, and when my foster became adoption, I realized how very special this Coton de Tulear was. I had not seen, I did not known of the breed, I only saw a terrified dog; we needed each other. WE may be the only Coton/service dog team for Medical Alert that I know of. The Coton is perfect for my disability, they may also work well for other alerting. Hug your dog and be reminded of how lucky we are. Dogs are remarkable; in and of health and healing cotons are made for bond animals, they are the best, relaxed, calm, not to hurry, they would rather be with their person than any other place. I hope others will consider the bond and the healing, remarkable scientific data is available; a coton can help get through tough times, help heal, help face the worse, and a happy dog is a beautiful way to start every day.

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Aug 07, 2012
by: Marti

Cotons are pure love. Love can heal anything. Wonderful story!!

Aug 04, 2012
Zorro the Hero!
by: Iris Miller

Dear Judith, God Bless you and Zorro your little hero. It is wonderful to hear your story.
love and blessings, Iris

Aug 04, 2012
Zorro Cooperman
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

Congrats on ur accomplishment of medical dog training & congrats to Zorro. How sad to start off by finding a Coton tossed away but happy he found a wonderful foster. Thank u for sharing ur wonderful happy ending story.

Aug 04, 2012
Pretty Face
by: sherry-cotton-candie

What a beautiful story and it is wonderful that you have each other.
Dogs are indeed very special and can be such a positive force for those of all ages. Since finding the coton breed I am totally in love with them, although each breed has its positive points.

Cotton, Candie and I wish you and him many happy, healthy years together. Thanks for sharing, -- this website is such a blessing for all of us to share and learn from.

Aug 04, 2012
How wonderful
by: DeMarie Rossi

Thank you for sharing your story - what a blessing you have - and what a blessing you are to your little coton!! Many hugs sent your way from me and my Coton BeBe :)

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