Maximus is his own dog. He is very protective, making sure that chipmunks, deer or joggers don't threaten us. In some ways he is very cat-like. He may join us for a nightcap before we go to sleep, but he likes his own space and prefers his own bed during the night. He loves the ladies and refuses to walk unless we stop in at our local lunch spot C'est Cheese, where the waitresses stop to pet him and tell him how handsome he is. Then he stops at the Dain Shop where they make custom lingerie for more of the same. He is "the most interesting dog in the world".

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Jun 27, 2014
Maximus NEW
by: Vicky &Jonah

He is very adorable & very cute backyard pics

Jun 21, 2014
Maximus NEW
by: Iris

I love Maximus's stance. That's exactly how my Tuffy looks when he is demanding a treat, he is pointing to the package on the kitchen shelf with such dignity. I think our Coton dogs have a bit of the pointer and terrier breed in their genetics,they are truly wonder dogs. Love my Tuffy Coton!

Jun 20, 2014
Yes!! Cat like! NEW
by: Donna and Lily

Well, this is very interesting to me! My Lily is 15 months old and I feel like she is a dog and cat in one! Prior to my Lily, I had a cat and a dog, and in many ways the things she does sort of seems cat like, but I really thought maybe it was because of her size, not even thinking it would be her breed. Well, whatever it is, she is my sweet baby girl and I feel so lucky to have her!! Maximus is certainly a handsome boy!

Jun 20, 2014
Cat like NEW
by: Truffles mom

YES, YES! These fluffernutters of ours are cat like; persnickety little characters. All I know is that I love mine so much but each person that posts makes me fall in love again with their dog. Would be so great to start a play date for theses local to one another! Maximus is PRIME!

Jun 20, 2014
Kitty-Dog NEW
by: Milo's Mom

I've always called Milo my kitty-dog. I find this breed cat-like as well. Wonderful choice for me as I love both cats and dogs but am severely allergic to felines. I always recommend this breed for people in my situation.

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