Male or female?

We have a 10 month old female Coton and want another. Does it matter if we get a male or female?

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Jan 10, 2015
What if I have two NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Structure: Feed twice a day same time each day. If they don't eat pick it up & feed only the other half at night. Not the whole amount. This helps control bathroom visits.

10-15 min walks at least twice a day not 1 big one. It is not good for growing bones & puppys. Give them time to potty in your front yard b4 you start out. A walk is a walk not stop & sniff time or you'll be there all day. Use a cheap mesh harness u can pick up at Walgreens $10. since they will grow & I like a 6' leash while young wrap excess around hand.

Get an akc potty station you can always replace artificial turf, get a good potty enhancer spray & let them potty as needed. A dog does not have good control until 1 yr & holding it is bad for kidneys. Try a Ross store sometimes you can get a good price..

Get out to a dog park & stay in the Little side since big dogs like to chase little ones, once they have all their shots & 1st rabies & not any sooner.

Depending on where you live sometimes older neighbors will love the company & extra money to baby sit while at work.

If u can afford it get into obedience or agility taking them on the same night just crate the one while u r in class w/the other.

If you need to crate while at work, you can crate together but the crate must be be a BIG one so they have room to sleep & if they potty in it on another side also big enough that they have room to move. Put some turf down easy to wash & hope they don't chew. Leave water but food is on a schedule.

Re walks must be at least 45mins after they eat so tummys have time to rest. Your most important commands for them to learn is sit, stay, place (when ppl come to door), down & quiet. They can learn together & repetition the 1st yr on these r key to a happy two dog household.

Good Luck 2 r alot of work but can be a wonderful joy to a household once you get a routine down. Dogs love routine. Just remember out of sight, in trouble. If you like certain stuff then during the 1st yr learn to pick it up out of reach not laying around. If they don't learn how much fun it is to chew a shoe then when they grow up they don't chew shoes or pillows.

Jan 08, 2015
don't recommend 2 unless you really want 2 NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a male and female cotons, 10 months and 7 months old. I got the female first and the male to keep her company, which I thought she needed. My strong advice is NOT to do this unless you are experienced at training puppies and possibly work from home or can otherwise be home most of the time. They each have things that have been hard to train (female barks and whines with separation anxiety and lost her mind when crated for the first 7 months-seriously- and the male has been crazy to housebreak... he still can't wait more than 2-3 hours to pee and has only in the past few weeks begun to bark to signal having to go outside, up at 5 am every morning with him still). It has been way more work than I realized and also also a lot more expense- think boarding 2 dogs, paying airline fees for 2, vet for 2, geooming for 2, etc. Also, the time of 2 pottying potentially at different times and walking 2, managing 2 different temperaments.

I love the puppies, of course, but would not repeat this decision because it certainly did not make anything easier in any respect!

Oct 26, 2014
male or female NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

I have two females, first one was 2 when we rescued our second dog who was 4. They have always gotten along just fine.....a little jealousy now and then but that would be with either sex.

I was hesitant to get a male because we have heard of and seen so many males that need belly bands when taken other places. Seem to want to mark their territory everywhere.

I have to agree with Vicky as for the added expense, time involved in caring for two. Some people have 3 or 4. I could not afford it or have the time and energy involved in playing and caring for so many...I did not realize just how involved traveling with two would be.

Most cotons are very social around other dogs, I would think it would be more your preference.....Good luck.

Oct 25, 2014
Female or Male? NEW
by: Marcia

I've read that if you have a male dog the second should be female, and vice versa. I have only one dog, so I can't speak from experience. However, I know people who have 2 males, and their dogs get along well. I think the bottom line is their temperament. In my opinion, as long as they are compatible, gender should not matter.

Oct 25, 2014
Male or Female NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

I guess your questions r. If it's a male Will they b fixed if not then you will go through keeping them apart unless you breed. If u breed r you prepared for the vet bills & puppy check ups & shots until they go to forever homes.

Will you b able to take time off when pups r born to protect against complications.

If right now you get a second do u have the time dedicated to training both. Do you have the time now one requires between walks, brushing, nails, training, baths for the one you now have.

Two does not make it easier it is twice as much work. It's harder to take 2 with you while visiting friends to socialize them if their not well behaved.

It doesn't really make a diff on the sex but will be more challenging if not fixed being male & female. The ques is with ur puppy their age do they know all the dos & donts before another enter the house.

The myth that they need another one to grow up with & will help train each other is just that a myth. They both will require their own training sessions, learning how to walk on leash themselves b4 together & personnel grooming, socialization & as they learn them individually they then will be well rounded together.

Last but not least if your Coton gets hurt or God forbid has a health problem can you afford both? Dogs r just children w/fur & with that comes expense. Just saying.

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