Jasmine the holy terror!

by Sharon

My 7 month old (not stinky anymore) is now a nipping, biting, eating ( paper, toys, just about anything) machine. I just won $100 on a scratch-off ticket. She took it out of my purse and ate it. Ate my son's new hat and destroyed her 2 new Xmas toys. All in one day. She shreds paper like a shredder.

Constantly nips at my heels when I have my slippers on. Nips at the bottom of my pants. She is driving me nuts. I always give her a chew toy. Tell her to stop. Walk backwards. Try to keep everything out of reach. I am quite sure she has her second set of teeth. Give her dog bones (not rawhide). I play with her a lot. But she is crated, as I work. I come home for lunch and let her eat, and run around for an hour.

Any suggestions? Help!

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Dec 29, 2013
terror Jasmine NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

I can feel your frustration but believe me she is still a baby and things will get better. They are like little kids and have lots of energy and probably really gets bored being caged all day. Being let out for an hour would help but to a little one thats a long day.

I have found giving them kong toys with treats inside makes them work for them and really is entertaining. It takes them awhile to get to the treat and there are several to choose from.

Cotton had anxiety so much whenever we had to leave her, she is never caged though and lucky for us she never has been destructive. she did however seem so sad, we adopted a rescue to keep her company and she is much more content being left behind. I know its not always possible to have another dog but just a thought.

Like Jasmine she liked to jump and grab at our wrists, clothes and whatever, a loud NO would work for a while but never really broke her of it. Time has made it better, she is now 3 and has settled down alot. Wish I had a magic fix for you but hang in there.

Lots of play time and a long walk might work wonders, they do like to please but seem to need alot of stimulation (at least mine does). Short rides in the car or play time with another dog would be good.

We leave old magazines and newspapers in a rack for Cotton and when we are gone she loves getting them out and shredding them. We have learned never to leave good books within her reach. Its kind of like child proofing the house but we have been fortunate that she does not chew shoes, furniture or anything like that.

Good luck and let us know how things are going, like I said time will take care of alot of her energy. As for toys mine will chew up any kind of soft animal or whatever, I do give them raw big bones with meat on them to chew. When they chew them down to where they might swallow them I take them away. Have never had a problem with them and our 5 year old rescue's teeth have sure improved.

Dec 28, 2013
Tearing stuff NEW
by: iris

Try giving her the things you want to allow her to chew, sounds like she's teething. Real bones are not good for them, they can break off shards that can internally injure them. When she takes your stuff or nips at you, tell her no firmly and take it away, say "drop it" point to the floor.and hand her a toilet paper roll and say "okay, play".. Tuffy made up a game, I put the used up TP cardboard roll near the floor in the bathroom, Tuffy sneaks in there and "steals" it, but he makes sure I see that he's got it, then he wants me to chase him to try and get it away from him.We play tug of war until it rips apart, then I let him "win" and he rips it to pieces. Tuffy learned that is the only acceptable thing he is allowed to tear up. Too bad about your winning ticket,If I were you I'd hand my purse up high on a shelf or somewhere not easily reached.
Good luck.
love,Tuffy and mommy

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