Jasmine losing hair.

by Sharon Saunders

Jasmine is one year old. Just brought her back from the groomer last week and noticed a kind of bald area. Figured groomer cut to short. Now on both sides of her stomach area on the sides she is losing her hair. I can see her skin. I keep her in the puppy cut. She doesn't seem to be scratching the area but I have noticed some scabbing and scratching.

I give her a bath every week with a good brand puppy shampoo. And she is in heat. Wondering if this has something to do with it. She is being spayed in a few weeks. Any one ever had this happen. Ready for a vet visit to find out what this is. I have not changed her food.

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Jul 26, 2014
hair loss NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

One a week is alot to bathe thou I'm not saying that's y. It could also b hormone change from being in heat. There r numerous reasons y a dog can have hair loss.

Temporarily u can put some neosporium on the areas since u say their scabbing it might help clear up.

Good luck

Jul 25, 2014
hair NEW
by: joyce/pierre

Could it be allergies? What kind of shampoo are you using? Try an oatmeal shampoo. I sometimes put coconut oil on Pierre's hair. It is also good for the skin. coconut oil is great for just about everything.

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