Is this normal?

by Jean

My Coton does sleep a lot. What's normal? He is 16 months old. His weight is 6 kg should he be heavier?

He barks and goes crazy when he see another dog outside is that normal for a Coton?

What's your suggestions to get him over it?
He had not been socialised as a puppy.
I have him accepting people now and ponies but he barks and carries on when he sees another dog something shocking.

Any advice please.

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Aug 20, 2013
Normal NEW
by: Abbie's Mom

Actually, the water bottle worked for me. We couldn't go for a walk without some drama when encountering another dog. Abbie sounded like some vicious lunatic. So now I carry the water bottle and in 3 weeks she's been SO much better.

As for sleeping, Abbie is 2 1/2 and she's always been a sleeper when she's bored. If we go out or there's something going on she's awake but if we're just hanging out she's asleep somewhere.

Aug 20, 2013
Bark Collar NEW
by: Maureen

Hi, Our coton Riley barked and growled so much at other dogs people would cross the street to avoid him.We live in a small adult community so it really was a problem. We tried a spray bottle of water, no change. A friend of our daughters is a veterinarian
and she uses a bark collar, it sprays a citrus smelling spray when the dog barks. It does not harm the dog and it works. We bought our at Pets Mart.
Hope this will help you.

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