Is there a dog food to reduce shedding?

by Bobbi

I have 3 Coton de Tulear dogs (a 9 month old puppy, a 3 yo, and 5 yo). The 5 year old has started shedding all of a sudden. I know Cotons don’t typically shed, so I had him checked at the vet. But the vet didn’t flag any health concerns, so I’m thinking maybe it’s his diet.

The two older Cotons currently eat Honest Kitchen grain free food. I’m wondering if I should switch to fresh food?

Do you know what dog food helps with shedding and healthy coats? Thanks

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Sep 04, 2023
Raw food diet NEW
by: Smythe

Our dog has only had raw food since he was a puppy and his coat is lovely. I don't know if it's because of his food, but I get so many comments on how beautiful his coat is.

Sep 02, 2023
Best Dog Food to Reduce Shedding for Coton de Tulear NEW
by: Gale

You're on the right track by asking if there's a dog food that helps with shedding. A healthy diet is always a good place to start with coat issues after ruling out possible medical conditions, as you did with your vet. Do you know if your dog is 100% Coton? Is it possible that she can be a mix with other dog breeds that are known to shed?

As for food good for a healthy coat, look for unprocessed real foods with high-quality ingredients, essential fatty acids Omega-3 (flaxseeds, chia seeds, fish oil, and salmon), and Omega-6. High-quality proteins, such as real meat and fish are also beneficial for a healthy coat.

Fresh foods are definitely a better option than highly processed commercial dog foods. According to the book, The Forever Dog, just by adding real whole foods to your dog's diet, you can create significant improvements in your dog's skin and coat (and brain function, organ function. breath, and inflammation). They say every bite of fresh food that replaces processed food is taking the right step. You can do a search on to find fresh foods, where you can read reviews and get ingredient lists to ensure it's right for your dog.

Even though Cotons are known for their minimal shedding, there are a few things that could lead to increased shedding in addition to poor diets, such as seasonal changes, stress, and anxiety, over or under-grooming practices, lack of hydration, underlying health issues, or allergies.

I'd love to hear if anyone can recommend specific dog foods that have successfully improved dog shedding and overall coat health.

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