Is it possible to get a coton that will weigh only 8 lbs as adult?

by M.L.

We need a dog that is less than 10 lbs as an adult ... we are retired & need one that is easier to handle, doesn't shed, doesn't bark much, easy to train.

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Sep 12, 2016
Was worried Jules was too small NEW
by: Anne

My jules is 8 months and weight only 6,5 lbs. i was afraid he was too little (unhealthy) as he was the smaller of his brother and sister, but im glad to hear other people have small cotons too. I guess mine will weight from 7-8 lbs at adult age.

Sep 20, 2015
A Maltese could be a good option! NEW
by: Buddy the Cloud's Mom

I think a Maltese might be a really good option for you. They don't shed, are sweet as pie, and can be quite tiny! My friends dog max is only 4.5 lbs!

Sep 01, 2015
Options NEW
by: Jo

While I love my coton who is about 15 pounds, a good option is a shih tzu. A majority are 5 to 10 pounds and do not shed. If you contact a rescue group you can select a great dog in need of a good home that has been fostered so that they can confirm the dogs personality, energy level, etc and the cost to purchase is nominal compared to paying a breeder. I have two rescue shih tzus under 10 pounds each and I love them as much as my coton.

Aug 31, 2015
Fluffy is 8 pounds NEW
by: Brooklyn

I have a coton de tulear who's is only 8 pound she is over a year old very quiet and loves to just sit on the couch and watch tv but loves to go on walks once in a while I love coton de tulear because they are people pleasers there is no better dog breed they can get expensive though

Aug 31, 2015
9 blbs! NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

CoCo is perfectly 9 pounds! He is 14 months old.

"We need a dog that is less than 10 lbs as an adult ... we are retired & need one that is easier to handle, doesn't shed, doesn't bark much, easy to train."

CoCo does not shed!

Responds best to soft whispers. Sensitive, willing to please at all costs. Despises harsh disciplines.

Barking? Loves to bark as he very much "protects mommy".

Secret: CoCo is just alerting me to predicator sounds, before my human ears can hear it. Once we "go check it out" and he sees "we are save" then he is done his duty and relaxes.

Barking is good. As a puppy a barking spell means "here I am, you lost me mommy". Hugs & cuddles and barking stops,

OR, a demanding bark may mean "I need to pee". This bark will be a different tone. Learn to hear the communication tones.

OR, a louder bark may signify "I NEED WATER". Learn to hear the communication tones.

A passerby may provoke a bark, as to "Mommy, I'm alerting You, pay attention". Once I respond "Thank you, honey, we're safe" then he quiets down cause he has done his duty - he's alerted me.

Learn to communicate.

Coton's despise the "No" word. They want explanations as to their sense of perception and truth. TALK TO YOUR COTON PUPPY!

Hope this helps, cause this puppy is worth millions and you will be for ever happy if you listen to his needs, and guide/support his learning. NO HARSH DISCIPLINE. They just want to love, kiss and please your every word. Show them what you want, rather than command them. Assure them, before restricting them.

Do not follow harsh behavioral techniques with this breed. If you do, you will have a sad puppy with emotional issues. Just love them! Just talk to them. Just listen to them!

My CoCo taught me. Because I asked: "What is it, honey?"

Coton's ARE our guiding Angels. However, they do need our protection and support.

Aug 30, 2015
Find good breeder NEW
by: Anonymous

Cotons come in all sizes and temperaments. Find a good breeder who can tell you about the puppy's parents. Many Coton's are under 10 pounds but can go up to 20 lbs.

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