how often should my 6 month old, 6 lbd Coton de Tulear poop?

by Dee
(Nassau County, NY)

My coton de tulear goes on average 3 times a day. A few weeks ago he had loose stool (most likely caused by something he ate) but i was able to cure that in a days time by giving him boiled beef and rice. This morning, he had loose stool again (i'm thinking it was from a dental bone we don't use often). So i gave him some rice with his usual moist and dry food. He has yet to go again (which, on some days is not unusual). He will most likely go again later, but was hoping someone can tell me when i should be concerned?

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Jul 06, 2011
dry food_dry poops
by: Iris Miller

It is always best to bring a stool sample to your Vet to check for parasites or disease and feeding advice. The more your dog eats, the more he poops. If the food is taken away until feeding time and the treats severely limited he probably won't have to poop so much,but it is a growing puppy after all! It is good he has a healthy appetite, Read carefully all the ingredients in the food and treats you give your dog, if any of it has a sweetener name ending wit ...itol like Sorbitol, Mannitol, etc. that can cause painful gas and diarreah( I am allergic to it and it makes me very sick! I am careful not to give Tuffy anything will coloring and flavor additives.

Most mammals with proper digestion will poop 20 minute to 1/2 hour after a meal so if you are not going to be around to take the dog out, don't feed them until you get back. (humans are probably the only ones who hold it in, making it harder to go later). Having said that, if a dog cannot go out to do his business he also will hold it until he can get out to a "toilet", because it disturbs them to soil where they eat or sleep, and they will avoid that, unless they are trapped or sick and lose control. It makes them very stressed.

I found that if I keep Tuffy on a consistent diet of dry food with 1/4" slice chopped up Natural Balance Lamb formula in the morning his stool is fairly firm. (that is the only flavor his system tolerates, the turkey one and the beef one both give him a bad stomach, wet poops.)When he is fed table food (even rice or boiled meat or poultry) or too many liver treats, it disturbs his stomach and he will have a wet stool. That will also happen if he has had any medication, ie: his monthly preventive treatment for parasites. If you keep a record for a few days to a week of what your healthy dog eats and how his stool looks you will get a better idea of how to maintain a healthy balance.

Jul 06, 2011
My Coton de Tulear poops 3X a day also
by: Mesquite, NV

She's been doing this since she was a pup, she's now 2yrs old and she now goes 2X a day sometimes 3 but not often. She only eats dry food proplan chicken & rice and this seems to work for her a cup a day.

Jul 05, 2011
by: Ellie

Does the poop have a mucus- like consistency? My four-year-old
Coton had recurring bouts of symptoms of colitis. I think it just kept getting worse over the few years. The Vet would treat it, only for it to occur again. Finally, I took him off all grains. He now eats chicken, Honest Kitchen freeze dry veggies, eggs, cheese, No grain, wheat, soy, etc. He hasn't had a bout of intestinal upset in months. I say this with fingers crossed.
That's what worked for him. You should always consult your Vet. but ask him or her about a possible allergy to grains.
Good Luck.

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