Do Coton de Tulear owners need to be at home all day?

I am thinking of getting a Coton. I do work 8 hours out of the home. I have read on some sites that Cotons are for people that are home all day. Other sites state that if there is another dog they will do fine. What is everyone's opinion?

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Sep 17, 2013
I Dont think so NEW
by: Anonymous

My baby coton is a bit dependant and stays alone for about five hours, but she cant see us leaving. We give her those balls that have food inside and she get busy. But you can think in a daycare...and I agree that quality time is more important!

Feb 03, 2010
Coton de Tulear home alone?
by: Gale

I'd love to hear from others about this. I know from my experience, I have a full time job and haven't had any issues leaving Luc home alone.

He's never had issues with separation anxiety and
house training hasn't been an issue while I'm gone. I take hime out before I go to work and then leave newspaper on the floor in the bathroom (his room). He learned to use the paper right away.

Once in a while if I have to stay late at work I will have a friend or neighbor stop by and make sure he's okay.

I also have a cat that he is best friends with so he has company while I'm gone. If you don't have another pet, it's a good idea to leave lots of toys to keep him occupied. Really, most dogs just sleep all day so unless you work really long hours it should be ok.

I feel it's the quality of the time we spend with our animals that matters more than the quantity. Good luck and send in a photo when you get your puppy.

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Alone while I work

by Sandra

I have a Coton - first time of ever having this breed and I love her dearly. My hours at work have changed and I am gone from home about 8 hours a day. I know that she is safe while I am gone but I worry about her being lonely and grieving. I have left the TV on for her and I am sure this is harder on me than on her but being that I have never had this breed before - I just need to hear from others on this subject. Thank you so much.

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Jun 18, 2023
Coton de Tulear NEW
by: Shelly

This is a breed that will not do well being left. My Coton goes to doggie daycare if I have to leave for an hour. This breed is perfect for someone who works from home only. They genuinely grieve and Will hyperventilate.

Jun 03, 2023
Leaving a dog alone for 8 hours
by: Vicko

While some dogs may not "mind" being left alone for 8 hours, I strongly recommend that someone who cannot come home sooner, or at least provide a dog walker, consider not getting a dog until circumstances change.

Mar 15, 2015
Alone NEW
by: Reenie

Coton's are great therapy dogs. There's an elder near by who would love to baby sit at their home (for no fee)?

Your post states you know she's "safe". Is she locked in a crate room or a big room? 8 hours poo & pee needs, eating needs. . . Alone? Music, TV, bones, toys. . . I think your own heart is telling you your Truth.

Coton's are very loving, also in need of learning stimulation. Puppy's more so. When we're away they think they are lost.

Most owners who are gone for 8 hours have professional dog walkers come by to walk their dog, with other dogs, who all get to play with one another too.

I feel guilty (working from home office) where my pup is near me, at my feet, in my office. We take food, Pee, walk & play breaks hourly. Yet I feel I'm void quality stimulation for him for 8 hours or more. I understand how you must feel.

In my opinion, your Coton needs a variety of creative solutions for her long alone time. Treat her as you would a loving child. That's my take, yet others may find it easier to leave their dogs. I take mine with me when I go. As a registered therapy dog, I read we are permitted to take them to work.

Perhaps if you Google this topic you may find a list of creative solutions. Here's some interesting facts:

Bottom line is what comforts you and that may lie within your understanding of your dog. The more in touch we become, the more we realize they are family creatures by nature. Alone time is not their thing. If you're not up for another dog companion then try an elder person who lost their dog or can't afford a new dog. They may love to sit or walk your dog. You may wish to create three alternate companions for your dog as to create a schedule among a few or several. Your dog needs other dogs or people, or both, otherwise they actually feel lost.

Coton's need people for some reason. When my 93 year old mom joined in she won a love companion she never expected, the Coton won another personality to tease & play. I won a comforting time away as to get my busy things completed.

I believe there are wonderful solutions to your situation. Don't leave your Coton alone for 8 hours every day. Too much stress for your Coton dog. That's my opinion.

Mar 10, 2015
Being alone NEW
by: Janice

We also have a really cute Coton and he hates being alone. In fact, he follows us round the house all the time. He just wants to be close to us. There are times that we have to leave him alone......when we do we leave the TV on and several toys for him to play with, also some milk bone treats. You could hide a few for him to find later. The longest we've left him is four hours, eight hours is a long time, perhaps you could have someone to come in after four hours and play with him. I believe that would help a lot. Good luck!

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Work hours changed. Is my Coton de Tulear okay in a crate for four hours, at a time?

by Kelli McDaniel
(Richmond, Virginia USA)

Hello. My Coton is Loki. Loki, is a sweet and handsome boy; who is a mommas' boy. He follows me everywhere I go. He will lay by the shower, while I bath. He loves his momma. Loki is 8 months old. (I got him a month ago). The breeder was nice and Loki seemed well adjusted. We were told there would be issues with his housetraining. Apparently, he never took to it. So I got a crate and we crate trained. WOW worked great. So no issues there.

Yet, they have changed my work hours. I know my Coton needs me. I'm feeling guilty leaving him in his crate for about 4 hours, (I go home and play with him - take him out for lunch) crate him another 3.5 hours. Am I horrible? One day he seems so happy and fine the next he turns his head and doesn't give me kisses. Am I damaging him by crating him for 4 hours? At 8 months I didn't think this was too bad. Yet, I'm seeing a difference every once and awhile. I can't doggie daycare him because he's potentially breed-able. What are your thoughts?
Loving my Coton Loki,

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May 30, 2015
crate 4 hours? NEW
by: Iris

Not in my opinion. For health reasons as previously noted here, a Coton is a small dog with a small bladder. My dog recently had 26 urinary stones trapped in his urethra and had bladder surgery. It was very painful and traumatic for both of us, and also a big Vet bill.
If you read some of the earlier replies (below) you'll see it is kinder and healthier for your dog and better for you not to leave your Coton alone all day. Get your dog neutered and find a day care where he can have play and companionship.
This breed is special. Mine is more like a child and just as clever. They're smart and playful and very loving.
Dont put him in solitary confinement like a criminal.
I was in the same position as you when I got my dog. I had no idea about the breed even after online research,about how attached they are and the kind of attention they require. Tuffy has also turned away and refuse affection when he's upset with me, especially when he wants to go for a walk or play or if he's not getting the attention he's needs. Very smart dogs . Gotta love 'em.
Separation Anxiety is a serious condition.My dog has it because I had to work and did what you're asking. If I had this website and support at that time my dog would have been much happier and more secure.Tuffy has some issues due to those earliest days when I brought my little puppy home.
It is caused by loneliness and fear and lack of attention and exercise.
Best of luck. Please let us know how it's going for you and your sweet, Tuffy and mom

May 29, 2015
Play pen instead of crate NEW
by: Anonymous

I recommend a play pen instead of a crate during the day. I use a play pen for my coton and he has his bed and toys and water bowl inside and is fine while I'm at work. He still needs to be let out right before and after you get home from work and you'll need to keep reasonable and regular hours. My coton used to also have a pee pad in the play pen but now that he is trained, he no longer uses it and waits till I get home . There are a lot of different sizes and materials available. I got a portable miracle port a play pen at petsmart which has tent like material and is collapsible so you can bring it outside or travel with it.

Mar 16, 2015
Excessive crating is harmful to humans & puppies NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

Coton's are brillant communicators. Listen to your puppy. He's telling you he's not excited or happy being "caged" for 4 hours, twice a day, 5 days a week. That's 160 DAY hours in a cage in the one single month you've had your puppy! A cage is an emotional prison. Try having soneone lock you up 160 hours a month. . . And those 160 hours don't include the 8 hour nights/seven days a week. Let's count this up: 336 hours in a "locked cage" in one month. And you're wondering about "he turns his head and doesn't give me kisses."

"Am I damaging him by crating him for 4 hours?"

It's caging him 4 hours x 2 shifts, plus nights for sleep. i add this to over 336 hours in a cage in the one month you have had your puppy. It's not "4 hours" - it's 336 hours in a locked cage. Why didn't you buy a bird instead?

"At 8 months I didn't think this was too bad"

At 8 months your Coton is a puppy who needs to play, learn, roam, explore, smell, sniff, inter-react, eat, pee as HIS needs call (not yours), poo (the same), and puppies need to be intoduced to many stimulations in & about. Locked in a cage, alone, for 8 hours every day PLUS nights IS torment for a puppy, in my opinion.

How would you feel if you were "locked" in a cage 16 hours a day (days and nights)?

How can you agree to be a puppy parent and not make prior arrangements for day care? People that work all day have dog walkers, even group walks where dogs play amongst other dogs.

There's elderly people who would love to sit a "puppy". The Coton is a beautiful "therapy" breed. Help your puppy and seniors - Line up a few seniors. Rotate days. Even when I'm needing a store shopping break I take my Coton to a neighbor. The senior pets him the entire time and my puppy is happy happy too, to visit "Uncle Sid". On another day he's visiting "Aunt Betty". My Coton has several "Aunts", several "Uncles", an "OMA", a Theresa "house cleaner" and Julie the doggy-groomer as to go to "look pretty". My Coton even has an adoptive "Daddy-Don"! Get creative for your puppy's emotional needs.

Most of the time my 8 month puppy is with me. I plot stores that allow puppies. . . He loves to shop! He loves the car rides, his face blowing in the wind, sniffing the scents. I drive slowly, side streets, so he can really "sniff". We visit PetSmart to visit the "cats" & "birds". We stop for "ice cream" cones at MacDonald's. We jump the Hoola-Hoop & walk the ocean with "Uncle Dave".

I have not ever had my puppy locked in a crate cage. He sleeps with me (his bed is made inside my bed). He has his own pillow and blanket. He has full access to my home (his home). He has never must a single thing. He's trained for both outside and inside pee pee paddies @ night. Because my home is his home, he makes his markings outside on our property edges. Crated dogs, confined dogs, make markings indoors away from their "cage" - There world is too small.

There's alot of issues that may arise from "caged" puppies. Crates are meant for safe sleeps, not every-day DAY care. The Coton puppy's bladder is as tiny as a green pea. Have you considered THE "training" is hurting your puppy's bladder? My puppy sonetimes pee's every hour at 8 months during the day. Even I can't hold my urine for 4 hours - can you?

I apoligize for this hashness. I'm sure you do many positive & loving things with your puppy as we all do. Your words express your real love for your puppy - I hear that, too. Alot of people really honestly "love" those while they abuse. I'm so glad you posted before naive parenting continued past a month.

Please listen to your loving puppy who needs you:

CoCo hopes you read the link above, plus its two related articles on "crating".

Please let us know how creavite you are with your solution!

Reenie & CoCo (8.5 months).

Feb 27, 2015
crate NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Crates r fine. It keeps them safe since you have not had him for long for him to learn not to chew surroundings. If you feel the crate is going to be a long process make sure it's at least twice his Length & tall enough to move & stretch.

Feb 26, 2015
crated coton NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

It is too bad that your job change put you in this position. I am not in favor of crates period. Mine travel in them and are quite content until the car stops. Then they want out.

When I got my first coton we penned her in the laundry room which had tile, put down her bed, toys, food and water. She hated it|||

When we come home she was so pitiful, huddled by the cabinet and would cry.

We felt terrible so after doing a house check making sure it was puppy proof, we started letting her loose and put down pee pads. She did fine and was so much happier.

I have two now and leave pads down for them, its not good to expect them to hold bladders for several hours. If we are going to be gone more than 3 hours I have a friend come and let them outside to run and just have stimulation. She brings her poodle and they play with each other.

Would you have neighbor, friend or family member to help out?
I am retired so its much easier, good luck, I know you love your puppy or you would not be asking. Hope you can figure something out.

Feb 26, 2015
Crate NEW
by: Sharon and Jasmine

I crate trained Jasmine and she was housebroken around 5-6 months. Her crate (Bed) in in my bedroom and that is where she sleeps. When I tell her it's 10:00 and time for bed she just gets up and walks into my room and into her bed. I work all day but come home for lunch. Jasmine and the Siamese cat play together all day - more like fight all day. But when I come home for lunch they are usually both napping. The cat also likes sleeping in Jasmine's bed, although he has his own beds. Jasmine's bed is very comfy. I buy pillow shams and slip her actual bed into it, which makes the crate more appealing. And she also has her blanket the breeder gave me, although she has chewed a zillion holes in it. Crates are fine for your dog as long as it is not an all day thing. Jasmine is 18 months old. Love this little pooch!

Feb 26, 2015
crate for four hours? p.s. NEW
by: Iris

P.s. my neighbor has a puppy she bring to work with her and keeps him in a crate near her desk. She's able to leave the crate open for him at times and can take breaks to bring him outdoors.
Not everyone has that option but if you do maybe consider this. More employers are open to this, some on certain days.
Best of luck.♡♡♡

Feb 26, 2015
crate for four hours? NEW
by: Iris

I bought a plastic 2 piece pee pad holder tray from pets mart and you clip the paper pee pads on it so they say in one place and don't leak through to the floor. I trained my Coton Tuffy at an early age to use the pee pads as well as going outdoors to pee/poop. He was not happy with a crate but I had a soft sided pet carrier i used for travel that he loved snuggling in, it was his safe place. I called it his cave. I left the front opening in zipped so he was fine with it. He had plenty of water and a bowl of dry food available and was not locked in a crate. A dog gets very upset if forced to defecate when he sleeps or eats. Left on their own, from my observation, they will go as far away from their living space to relieve themselves and mark a territory.My dog developed separation anxiety when I first got him as a young puppy and crated him in the bathroom of my apartment with a see through gate. I went to work, leaving him with everything he needed.(except companionship). I was unaware of this particular breed's needs. He was lonely and crying all the time I was gone (I found out only months later from a neighbor when I moved). When I came home at night I'd find him curled up in a little ball behind the door.needless to say, I felt like hell after learning this. Tuffy was never destructive as many dogs with separation anxiety, he was very sad and fearful.I am retired now.We are now constant companions and he goes with me every where except the doctors office and grocery store.He still has separation anxiety and so do I. Tuffy is now 7 years old and recovering from bladder surgery for stones in his urine. If you read up on this the Veterinarian advice is to keep your small dog's urine diluted with much water and give them many opportunities to urinate.
My advice to anyone who brings home a puppy is to find a family member or a sitter or share care, or doggie day care for their dog if they have to be away from home at work for long periods of time.
Dogs only want to please. They are not vindictive, that's a human quality not an animals way of thinking. If they make a mess in your house it because they have no choice. they're not being given the options to eliminate and exercise as naturally as they should. ♡♡♡

Feb 25, 2015
probably it is okay NEW
by: lulu

My six month old Socrates does not like to be in a crate. He only goes it at night to sleep. He is absolutely a momma's boy. During the day I used let him ran around the house (he does not touch anything unless I gave it to him) while I was away. When He turned in 5 month old, he started to mark his territory inside of house, so now, he is stay in the kitchen,

If he has to stay more than 4 hours, I make sure someone checks on him every 3 to 4 hours. Since your coton is 8 month old, he should be able to stay 4 hours alone. If he can stay a large room with glass door or window to look out, he will like that I think.

If not, you should let me check on him every two hours for two three weeks, so he can transition into a new schedule. Good luck.

Rohester Hills, MI, Lulu

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