how far to walk a 13-year old coton

we have new dog walkers. they sometimes go 3 miles - twice/week.

in addition, she is walking in a group of 4-5 dogs, most of whom are bigger than she is.
on the video they send - she is really hustling.

Do you think this is too much for her?

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Jun 05, 2019
Too Far NEW
by: Carol

I would agree with the last post. For a dog that age that seems too far to go. You have to remember that these dogs have short legs and have to work harder to go the same distance as a bigger dog. Especially if they're going at a fast pace. As the weather gets warmer my Pogo (now 7) seems to need a couple breaks under the shade of a tree. He just looks up at me and plops himself down in the grass! It's really cute. But I'm always aware of how he's acting, and if he seems like he's getting tired out. I would also recommend finding another dog walker.

Jun 03, 2019
Slow down NEW
by: Gale

Luc is also 13 years old and for him, that would be too far and too fast for sure. Luc gets slower as he gets older and we take short walks now.

Every dog is different, but if you're seeing that she's having to "hustle" in the video, that's a sign that there's a problem. Also, trust your gut. You probably already know that this dog walker is not a good fit for your dog or you wouldn't be asking, right? I would either talk to the dog walker or find another who will work with your dog's needs.

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