How can I calm my dog and stop her licking?

by toby bass
(Cleveland, Ohio)

My 10lb. , 12-year-old Coton has become nervous and reactive and constantly licking her leg or me. What can I do to calm her down and stop the licking?

Are some Cotons black & white ?

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Jul 08, 2023
Any patern?
by: Remi

To add-on to Gale’s comment, I would recommend to look for patterns of to when your little one is showing this behaviour: Does she lick herself more after a long walk or sustained exercise ? (this could relate to Gale’s suggestion about arthritis or muscular pain or some other kind). When she licks you, does she look at you like she want’s to tell you something is wrong? Take a few notes as many times as you can when this happens and you may quickly find some kind of pattern and it might explain a lot. We are with you and we understand how heartbreaking it can be when we know something is off with our little balls of love ;). Good luck.

Jul 08, 2023
Calming aids NEW
by: Gale

The first step is to rule out any underlying medical reasons that could be causing your dog's sudden change in behavior. Dogs lick themselves to self-soothe when they feel stressed. And they also may lick themselves excessively if they have pain, discomfort, or itching. It could be due to allergies, skin infections, hot spots, or even arthritis - so check with your vet!

Older dogs don’t do well with change to their routines - have you had changes to your schedule or living situation? Have you noticed specific triggers that make her nervous, such as loud noises or new people or animals? If there are triggers, you can help minimize the impact.

Until you can talk with your vet, here are some helpful resources to help calm your dog -

And yes, Cotons can be black and white :)

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