by linda
(ontario canada)

My 2 year old Coton has now resorted to doing his business in the house. He was fully trained a long time ago. Because I was hospitalized, I sent him to my sons for over a week and now I have this problem. I dont know how to fix this. Also, when I got home, there were sometimes that i could not take him out properly, so he would go in the kitchen at times. But now for 6 months, he is still doing this although I am able to take him out. Need help please..........going crazy!!!

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Mar 15, 2017
treats motivate NEW
by: Laura

My 14 month old Captain Fuzz knows he should only go outside but once in a while when hes been alone too long he will do his business in the house...
Unfortunately he likes to chew and rip apart potty pads, UGH!
So now I dont bring him inside until hes gone and then i say Good Boy, wanna treat? And of course he does and comes running in.
Sometimes I have to stay outside for awhile but its worth the wait. I keep an eye on him but I dont let him know Im watching, lol
Hope that helps!
Laura & Captain Fuzz ( who by the way, looks exaclty like your baby)

Mar 15, 2017
indoor potty NEW
by: Dianne

If you cannot take him out, get puppy potty pads. Got mine on Amazon. They also have a tray that the pads fit into. Put the gizmo on the bathroom & change daily. Since your puppy has trained himself where to go, you might need to put some potty on the pad and take him there every now and then until he gets the idea.

Mar 15, 2017
housebreaking NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks guys for all your help, will try these methods.

Mar 08, 2017
Housebreaking not a problem NEW
by: Iris

Dear Ontario Coton parent,
I also had to be hospitalized and my Tuffy Coton was also distressed about my absence. Because I lived in an area of severe weather I also could not take him out all the time and
did not have a fenced yard to let him out.
I went to the pet supply and bought a couple of bags of pee pads/ training pads for puppies and dogs, and the sturdy plastic tray pad holders , which are great, it keeps them from being directly on the floor. I got two and put them in front or to the side of the exit doors he's used to going out with me to go pee and poop. No dog really wants to eliminate where they eat and sleep, they'd rather go out and mark the perimeter of their territory. Your poor baby seems to still be very stressed.
Take him to a pee pad and tell him to go pee, and immediately praise him, good boy make pee pee!!! And give him a favorite treat. He will know immediately it a good thing he did. Just make sure it is far away from his food and water and bed. Always take away the soiled pad and place a fresh dry one. It is worth the extra expense, you will be relieved when your dog is properly "relieved" and has his dignity back and fears alleviated. Stay well.
Then he will still want to go "do his business " when you can take him out and walk around. Good luck! I hope this works for tou. Love and blessings
Iris &Tuffy

Mar 07, 2017
Potting training NEW
by: Lulu & Socrates

We are so sorry to hear your little one gives troubles.
Since he knows what is acceptable behaviors are, only thing We can think he is still confused by the whole thing. Best way to correct the issue, you need to catch him in action, then you can tell "NO" and take him out right away. I use a bell with Socrates from the beginning, so when he needs to go out he rings bell and sit by the door. I usually know if he needs to go out urgently, he will put head down and walk around fast.
First, you need to clean the kitchen floor really good to get rid of his marking.
Second, the kitchen is only place he goes, everytime, he walk toward to the kitchen, you should say "NO" and take him out.

I usually tell Socrates "Go potty " until he goes. After when we are in the house, he gets a treat.

We wish you and your little one the best.
Good luck.

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