House training advice

by Terrie

I have a neutered, six month old male pup. I am having a difficult time house training him. I take him outside at 5 in the morning and he will go. Any other time during the day that I put him out I cannot count on him going. After a 10 to 15 minute wait he doesnt do anything. So i bring him back in. Later he sneaks into a corner and does his thing in the house.

How do i break this habit?

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Mar 14, 2021
House training
by: Anonymous

Day time and awake time take him out every 2 hours once. Praise him when he does outside with good boy and treat. Inside, when he does show your displeasure by saying bad boy. Catch him in the act and take him out ...within 1 week to 10 days he will be trained. Once month or so he may he may do accidents but 2-3 months later that will stop. Remove all traces of indoor pee with sting neutralizers. So his doggy sense to pee does not trigger. You should be good. Note; I have 4 year old cotton and he never pees at 🏠. Most important learn and train your pup on crate training that helps immensely.Good luck!!

Mar 13, 2021
House Training NEW
by: Robin

You might find success by giving a treat whenever he succeeds in going outdoors. Obviously no treats when going inside. Give the behavior a name, "Going potty," Potty?," whatever you choose, but be consistent so he associates the verbal with going potty outside. Good luck with the potty training. Consistency, patience and treats should accelerate the training.

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