Higgins my beautiful coton

by Donald Stout
(Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Higgins is a boy, 15 pounds and 8 months old. He is very loving. He seems quite long for his size, and can jump through the air with the greatest of ease, quite amazing. Wondering if he is full grown? He also goes to bed at 7 and wakes up at 7, actually have to coax him out of his crate. He does love his crate, sleeps next to my bed never makes a peep. We have one downstairs also that we leave the door open and he goes in and out as he likes.

Just wondering how long it will take to completely potty train him? Right now we let him out every two hours, he is starting to bark or wine at the front door to let him out. His accidents have always been at the rug in front of the front door mainly. We have always had collies before Higgins and they always came and got us when they wanted to go out. Hoping Higgins will do this eventually. It’s amazing how much in love we are with him, he lays on our laps now occasionally. We were going to keep him off the couches but that’s out the window as he lies beside or on us now. Just wondering how big he will get? Also if he will become potty trained so we may leave him in the house uncrated when we are gone for a hour or two, right now we crate him.

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Feb 28, 2018
Higgins NEW
by: Francia

Hi. My Lulu Victoria has a crate. She sleeps at nights in it, in Front of my bedroom. Her first year was easy because we were living along and she had her space. Later, I moved with my son and family. It took some months of adjustment but now is great. The routine is: when I go to bed (11pm -12 am) she goes to the crate after I check she did pee. Early in the morning she goes to her training pad (In the laundry room). After we have breakfast she uses the pad again. I clean after. She stays free, after me all the time, or on my bed because my desk is in my bedroom, or she runs in the backyard mid morning. I made a list of the times she pees. In the late afternoon, before is dark, we go for a walk to the Dog's waste station, near a mile from our house, meaning we walk 2 miles every afternoon. She does her business outside and I clean after her. It took some time - nearly 3 months, to get used to this routine. I used the treats to encourage her to use inside the pads. She is 15 pounds and this March is going to be 4 years.

Feb 19, 2018
All cases are different NEW
by: Anonymous

not sure what was this post and comments about. Housebreaking is purely individual, it's like us humans peeing different number of times per day. My Coton has never been in a crate (I got him when he was 8 weeks old), he is free to be everywhere in the house and has never had accidents. Just 3 months of using training pad and that's all. Of course, we let him out as frequent as we can but we could go out and leave him alone for 6 house. He'd just hold - easily. There are no rules.

Feb 19, 2018
Answer NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, my Coton Toby is 9 months old. We don't have accidents anymore inside the house. What we used to do was to place a potty training pad near the door and he got used to it for few months. Now he just waits next to the door to go out and we change the pad once a week since he goes there when we are not home for few hours. He makes his full nights without accidents. As far as hiss weight he is so pretty big for a Coton, 16lbs. We hope he will loose some weight by summer with more activities outdoors. I know that coton should not be over 5 kg according to my breaded but some are significantly bigger. Have fun with your pup. They are the best dogs around family and children. Cheers. Yolanda

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