Help! My Rescue Julian

by Amy
(North Canton, OH)

I rescued Julian from a local rescue organization. Unfortunately, the rescue home he was living in was deplorable. The rescue person states that he was a puppy mill dog that was given to her to foster.

He is a sweet little guy who can't get enough attention. He has horrible separation anxiety and hates to be crated. He isn't housebroken so crating is vital.

Today I discovered that both front paws are bleeding from scratching at the wire crate. I also discovered him chewing on the metal crate. Because he isn't housebroken, it is vital for me to crate him. He's very shy and probably lived his previous life in a crate.

I am looking for help!!

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Aug 28, 2010
My 2 cents
by: Anonymous

Keep more toys and teethers in the crate to keep him busy. Also leave some of your worn sneakers in the cage for him to feel your scent. A soothing sound for the pups is that of the owner so leave a tape on with your recorded voices in the room for him to hear at all times when you're not around.

May 12, 2010
Separation Anxiety Help
by: Gale

First, what a great thing that you were able to adopt a dog that so desperately needed a good home. These dogs can be challenging but it will be so worth it if you can be patient and hang in there.

There are many things you can do to help with separation anxiety and crate training.

However, your dog sounds like he might need some immediate attention since he's causing himself harm. I would suggest contacting your Vet. There are some medications that can ease your dog's immediate distress. Then you can work on some of the behavior modification issues.

I had to use some medication when I first got Luc because he was so stressed out any time he had to be in the car that I got scared for his health. His breathing would be erratic and his temperature would soar. The medication in addition to some behavior modification worked like a charm.

Have you read any of the tips on the above links?

In addition to those tips, according to
The Secrets of Dog Training Book (my dog training bible), it's also recommended to

-Super exercise him before you leave. Really wear him out - tired dogs are more content and mellow than agitated, energetic dogs.

-Leave an item of clothing that you've recently worn in his crate. Your smell may soothe him.

-Put him in the crate for short periods while you are in the same room and reward him enthusiastically when he is calm and behaved.

If you've tried medication and behavior modification and you still aren't seeing any progress, you may also try a professional trainer. Try the website for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers to learn how to find a good trainer in your area.

Good luck with Julian. I know he'll do great now that he's in a good home. He just needs some time, attention, training and lots of love.

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