Help for 14 week old nipping and biting

Hi. We have a 14 week old that loves to nip and bite at me when he wants to play. I’m trying to do the usual things like ignore, time out, stuff a toy in front of his face, but he keeps on coming for my feet and hands. I’m sure he’s looking at my moving flesh as another toy. I’ve also tried to hold him down like his mother used to and “yelp” when it hurts, but it only fuels the fire.

Any advice on training him not to do these things? It’s also hard to time the praises when he does stop because as soon as I do, he goes at it again.


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Oct 09, 2019
Mili bites too when playing NEW
by: Anonymous

OMG! My 10-week old does the same thing. It only occurs when she's in her "amped up playing" mode. But my hands and lower arms are filled with bite marks. I've taken to putting her in time out and telling her "no bite" with a scowling face. I let her chill for a bit and if she starts it again when I go to get her, I extend her time out. I've also started to teach her to walk with a harness and leash to try to take up some of that energy. Too soon to tell if it's going to work. If anyone has ideas I'd like to hear them.

Jan 31, 2018
14 weeks biting and nipping NEW
by: Buffy’s mom

My Buffy who is now three was just like your baby. Unfortunately I tried everything and it didn’t work. It seem I was the only one she liked biting on. I was told she was establishing who was Alpha. We decided to get another Coton which turned out to be the best thing. She has settled down and doesn’t bite now but occasionally when I wear pants she grabs them and growls. Her new thing is to lay on her back and show her teeth and growl at me when I try to pick her up. Once I tell her to stop and pick her up she licks my face. But she is really a sweetheart most of the time. So I’m sorry I can’t help you but know it will get better with time if all else fails.

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