Goodbye comes the adult coat!

by Jayne van der Putten
(The Hague, The Netherlands)

Hello fellow Coton lovers!

As you might have read in my first topic (Dinky has saved my life), I am the more than proud mom of Dinky. Dinky is 9 months (and a little) old now and his coat is changing from puppy to adult. This is really a hard period in grooming.

I always brushed Dinky once a day, but now I have to brush him twice a day and even then....knots and tangles appear. I always use coatconditioner, I give him once a week a bath and use even anti-tangle spray (all of those mentioned was recommended by a fellow Cotonowner). This helped in the beginning but the last two days, it seems to get "worse" again. It looks like, no matter how many times I brush, bath Dinky...more knots and tangles appear . Sometimes it really drives me crazy (though the new coat that appear is of a perfect quality, all-white (puppy coat had some beige coloration)). Luckily I know that this period usually takes weeks or months, so Dinky and I will "survive" this (LOL) period.

However, I am very curious if there are more things (besides brushing, bathing, anti-tangle spray and coatconditioner) I can do to minimize those knots and tangles. His coat began to change a month ago...but it looks the shedding get worse and worse...

Have a wonderful day and all the best for you and your Coton(s)

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Mar 20, 2019
Grooming the Coton
by: BB

Our Coton is 9 months old and even with grooming him every day, he is changing from his puppy coat to adult coat, which makes matting a fact of life.

Our breeder made us well aware of how much grooming is required, so we were well prepared with good bath products and proper grooming combs and brushes.
We keep him in a puppy cut, and he is bathed and conditioned every two weeks.

He is SO worth it🐾😊

May 13, 2014
coat care
by: Vicky & Jonah

I was looking up something b 4 I headed down to Ryan's pets & Thought I would post this link on this website with really good info on the Coton coat

May 11, 2014
adult hair
by: Vicky & Jonah

About the only other thing u can do is prayer the Coton prayer
Dear (fill in blank)
Please let me wake up tomorrow & not find any Matt's.
Let me know if it works for u it never did for me
I thought I would go crazy & thought Oh My is this for a lifetime. Thank goodness it's not only twice a yr when they then blow their coat.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel though it gets better.
Looking forward to pictures.

May 10, 2014
Adult coat
by: Sharon & Jasmine

Jasmine will be a year old next month and her coat is not changing nor does she shed. I take her to the groomer every 2 months for a puppy cut. I bathe her weekly, good shampoo and conditioner and blow her dry. I don't let her hair hang in her eyes. I brush her about twice a week, daily on the whiskers. Brush more when time for another puppy cut. She always looks so sweet, clean and not a mess. I started to let her hair grow but decided it was too much of a hassle. I just don't want a messy looking dog.

May 09, 2014
coat care, puppy cut, is this just as hard to care for
by: Judy

I haven't gotten my puppy yet, but you said there is shedding. My understanding that they don't shed. Also this is one of the first I've read about How hard the adult coat was to take care of. I know there is work, but you're kind of scaring me Please comments from others. Thanks

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