Going down stairs

by Jennifer
(Hurley, WI USA)

This is our first Coton but not our first dog or cat. Mayzee is 4 1/2 months old. She won't go down our stairs to the front door to go outside. We have to carry her down. She will go up and down 4 steps outside and at other places. We have a split level so there is the main living level then down 6 steps to the door. Then behind you along side the previous steps are 6 or 7 more steps to the lower level. If we carry her down she will (when ready) zip right up them to the upper level, no problem. She seems terrified off the these steps. They are wood and tile. I just tried to coax her down the stairs with bits of ham. No dice. I put her on the 2nd step. She froze & stood there. She wouldn't even eat the ham. We are not aware of any issue with these stairs.....she'll do others. Has anyone else had this issue and what ultimately solved it? Do we just have to wait for her to get older even though she will happily do other steps? Thanks for any light anyone can shed on this problem. These dogs are the BEST!

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Oct 20, 2018
Going down the stairs NEW
by: Anonymous

My Coton is nearly 4 months old. She is the same she goes down a few streps and then refuses to continue down to the very bottom. I think it’s because of their size that they struggle to/anxious about going down perhaps thinking that they will fall down.

Oct 18, 2018
Going Down Stairs NEW
by: Pat

I have had my Coton for 3 years. Her name is Rhylie and I got her when she was 2 months old. She has some finicky routines, too. When I am at my friends house they have a small ramp that is at their front door. She refuses to walk on it. She will go to the side of the door and jump over part of the ramp to get in the door. She has done this for a couple years and won't change. She is also leary of going in and out our front door. She wants the door fully opened, not just part way, before she will go willingly out it. She has some strange quirks!! I haven't been able to break her of these 2 things. I figured it is just her and strange, but no big deal.

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