Gino The Bambino

by Stephanie Aviles
(Fairfax, Virginia, USA)

Gino The Bambino

Gino The Bambino

Gino is a sweet, loving & playful dog. Gino loves to go "bye, bye" in the car, he has his own car seat where he can look out the window and watch the world pass by. We call Gino the "police officer of the house" because he does not like when people run. He stops my Son from running in the house by nibbling at his ankles and he barks from his car seat if he sees anyone jogging on the sidewalk.

Gino fiercely protects his family anytime the doorbell rings. If Gino kisses one of us, he feels he must give everyone an equal share of his love, he does not leave anyone out. Gino's toys are his prized possession, however, sadly most do not make it for the long haul before their legs and arms are pulled off and the stuffing is ripped out. Buying toys that can hold up to Gino's "tough love" is a hard task. Gino loves to open wrapped gifts on his birthday. We always make sure Gino gets some gifts under the tree for him to rip open on Christmas morning with my Son.

My Husband and I can not have anymore children due to health issues. Gino has filled this very vacant and sad part of my heart with his love and beautiful spirit. Gino is a very important part of our family. We love our Gino The Bambino XO

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Mar 29, 2016
Help please NEW
by: Anonymous

I noticed how pretty and white Gino is. Do you have any special tips on keeping their face white and free of stains?,
Please email any helpful tips, I have a 3 month old Coton he has terrible brown tear stains that are staining his whole face.
Thank you

Jan 06, 2016
Gino Tha Bambino NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

He is adorable.

Jan 06, 2016
Ankle-Biting Cousins! NEW
by: Carol and Pogo

Well I had to laugh when I read about Gino! Our dogs must be related "somewhere down the line" as Pogo also HATES kids running through the house - and everyone watches their ankles if they do!! My son knows to tell his teenage friends to walk slowly and calmly as Pogo will take charge. He is also our household police...and also dislikes anyone riding bikes down the street.

Other than a few little "hang-ups", he's a real sweetie. I have to say I see the same spirited expression on Bambino as on Pogo!

Too funny!!

Jan 06, 2016
Hello little pal NEW
by: Claudia

Gino I must say you are such lovely dog, just as you do with your humans, Shaggy my Coton girl also fills that part in my life since I couldn't have children of my own.

Shaggy also enjoys, just as you, being by the window while we travel on car and enjoys a lot the wind beneath her face... But, she doesn't barks and people often drives next to us to sayjust mind words to her.

We send you kisses and snuggles...

Jan 05, 2016
Gino NEW
by: sherry candie cotton

Hello to you Gino, you sound like quite an active little guy and I love your fancy collar. My girl likes to tear off arms and legs and pull out stuffing also, her favorite thing though is tummy rubs. Do you flop over for them also? Bet you do.

Mine love riding in car also and are great travelers. Only fuss when I get out of the car.

Nice meeting you and keep up the good job as protector!

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