Getting 11 month old Coton: any suggestions?

by Brian
(Chicago, Il)

Hi all! We are getting an 11month old Coton. He was taken care of, as far as we know, and not neglected, but had 2 different owners and now is in a great, but temporary situation for a couple of months. I'm wondering how long it will take to re-home him. Any suggestions you might have about bringing him home would be very appreciated. Thank you!

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Sep 11, 2015
Three owners in 11 months. . . NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

Three owners in 11 months didn't sound right from the get go. Coton puppies are most expensive, the new family has placed sufficient thought into such a decision, the breeders are careful too.

Usually a Coton return goes back to the breeder, not a new home and then another new home, and then you.

I doubt the puppy was a Coton.

If your heart is set on a Coton you will be truly rewarded. You must pay the price from the get go. You will want your own puppy, not somebody else's errors.

There's tremendous responsibility in these dogs. Be prepared to take puppy with you where ever you go. He'll love it!. He'll be your best friend.

Sep 11, 2015
by: Brian

The temporary home decided to keep the puppy! They did not want to give him up!
We are so sad and now trying to find a Coton to be a meme we of our family is very difficult! We were so happy and excited and now we are just sad.

Sep 11, 2015
It's been FOUR DAYS traveling. . . NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo


How's your new puppy dog?

Sep 08, 2015
forever home NEW
by: Deb in TN

I got Saylor Jane at 9 weeks old so I have no experience with re-homing a Coton. I did get Aligrace (who is not a coton) at six months old and we were her fourth home. She was very mistreated in her other homes and was very scared of everything!!! I found that talking soft to her and no sudden movements along with treats did the trick. I am sure you will do fine. It may be rocky at first but it will so be worth it!!! Good luck and thanks for making one more furry child's life better.

Sep 08, 2015
How to make the ride easy for 11 month old cotton NEW
by: Lulu (Rochester, MI)

I think that you should ask previous caretaker if your little one likes the car ride. My Socrates does not like the carried, but he does not want to operate from me, he chooses to ride every time.

Having said that if your little one likes a ride, it would be lot easier for everybody. If not, you should let me sit on your lap (if he chooses to do so), and blast the air conditioner, so he can be comfortable.

You should make two to three stops for potty time and stretching time. If he does not like the car ride, you should give him a small amount of water at a time with small snack. I found when Socrates drinks or eat a bit too much while we are on the road, motion sickness upsetter his little tummy.

I think that your little one wants to sit on your lap for comfort. pls, find out his habit, and command he responses to from his caretaker. It will help you to get him settle into your family faster. We picked Socrates when he was 16 weeks old (he had to stay with breeder for 4 weeks so we can prepare for him). He was on my lap for 1 hour driving home. Ever since the first day, I was his mom forever.

My Coton loves to play a tug a war, chase, and fetch.

One more thing, your Coton will still blow out his puppy hairs, so brush him minimum of twice a day. If not his hair will be matted.
Socrates is the end of blowing time (this week, I do not see very little loose hairs when I brush him).

Good Luck, and pls update us on your little one. Also we cannot wait to see your little one's photos.

Sep 08, 2015
New Puppy arrives home and BARKS. . . NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

You're arriving home with new puppy dog by now. . .

He will soon be communicating with you as mommy/daddy.

My point is: Do not discourage or scold a puppy dog "bark".

Barking is their only means of communication. Cotons do "talk".

A winey bark, with a physical nod, means "mommy I need to PeePee, now".

A sharp assertive bark, with a sharp jump, means " I need to Poop right now".

Excessive barking means "Mommy, I'm alerting you, we have a predicator".

A wimpy cry means "Mommy, my new doggy friend is walking by outside and I want to go kiss"

A ballistic bark means "mommy this passing dog is REALLY big and we might be in real trouble"

A forever non stopping aggressive bark means "Oh, My God, there's more than one", "what should we do mommy?"

My answer to any of the above: "Let's go check it out". Then I explain "we are safe", "they are just passer by's" (he stops barking) or I introduce "by name" (he sniffs to confirm, jumps to welcome). If we are in real trouble I say "CoCo, bark".

I just wanted to share with you not to be discouraged if your new puppy dog starts to communicate with you once he's settled into HIS new home.

At first he may bark at every noise. That's just his fear of unfamiliar sounds, or real talk of "PeePee now please". Listen.

Oh, sharp demanding bark, bark, bark means "my water dish is empty".

One bark is "Pee Pee" time.

Two sharp barks is "Poop" time.

Three barks is "my water dish is empty".

Excessive, gasp barking is "we have a predictor walking by".

Loud unstoppable barking is "we have someone at the front door I don't know".

That's CoCo's communication.

Hope you will see and enjoy that Coton barking is a language, not a nuisance.

It's fun to learn Coton puppy dog talk!

I think I took a very special interest to CoCo's sounds, barking pattens, because I personally was a compulsive stutter until age 9 as a child. No one could understand me for the first nine years of my life. I remember I was extremely frustrated, not being understood, simply because I wasn't able to speak clearly.

When I read adverse posts this breed "barks", I innately hear this breed communicates, "talks".

God bless foreign languages!

Your new puppy dog will soon be talking with you.

Sep 08, 2015
One more thing. . . NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

One more thing. . .

What I learned from CoCo was his intense anxiety. As much as "I am your forever mommy" and this is "your forever home", neither words soothed him as much as "THIS IS CoCo's home!".

CoCo, til this day, is neurotic of other dogs pee street markings on "his property". CoCo goes berserk once a doggie passes by and pees on our property lines. CoCo insists he must re-pee each street marking. We live on a block corner. Every neighbor dog stops and pees. CoCo goes ballistic.

This breed is most protective.

As I freely permitted CoCo to go "re-mark" his territory (not scold him) he eventually outgrows his anxiety. I discovered the trick was to "introduce" each offending dog "by name". If CoCo doesn't know the "name" of the dog, or owner, he is very protective. This is good. If I don't like the neighbor I do not introduce. If mommy doesn't introduce, CoCo stays assertive towards both the owner and their dog. How wonderful! I wish I had such more loyal best friends!

If your new puppy dog "barks", listen. He's just alarming you there is a predictor. Assure him "we are safe" or "let's go check it out". Once checked-out the barking instantly stops.

This breed is extremely protective. Their bark simply means "mommy, there's somebody near by, right outside". Once I inform "Thank you honey, "we are safe", "that's just so-and-so going for a doggie walk", then CoCo immediately calms down.

My point is, these puppy dogs believe its their duty to alarm, protect and inform us.

Enjoy the wide range of communication!

I never say no to a bark. I "introduce". Once mommy introduces, post man or otherwise, the bark alert never reappears for THAT person again. So beware, do not introduce until YOU know the person!

CoCo knows our friends. And I love it! There are strangers, and people I don't accept, that he barks to, thank god!

You are going to just adore your new Coton puppy dog!

Sep 08, 2015
Car ride safe and smooth? NEW
by: Reenie & CoCo

"We agre going to pick this guy up and drive him home. It's a 6.5 hr drive. Do you have any suggestions about how to make this ride safe and smooth? Our son who is 19.5 will sit on the back with him."

How exciting!

Wow, 6 hours in a car may be tuff for a Coton. I had CoCo in the car the very next day after he found me, at almost three months of age. He shook non stop. I pulled over, took the time, to let him adjust. I reassured him "We are safe". He's in the car with me daily, since. He loves car rides. Even today, 45 minutes into our car ride is long for him. He's 14 months old soon. I read this breed is susceptible to motion sickness.

I pull over for CoCo to allow him a mini walk, to ground to earth, just after 30 minutes of driving. He's only got so much tolerance for motion sickness, in my experience.

6.5 hour drive?

To have a fresh, secure puppy, at arrival of your home, I'd have your son have your new 11 month pup on his lap and hope he sleeps. If no sleep, ensure he has lots of car water (travel dish), protein snacks like real cheese, and lots of PeePee and fresh air stops. Make your stops more than a few moments. CoCo likes 10 minute walking stops. Time to reground to earth. He's car sensitive. If he's not ready, willing, to get back in the car, then I know he needs more time in fresh air and earth.

The trick I discovered with CoCo was to let him walk a store, a pet store, or hardware store, any store that permits dogs. Once he's back in our car, he suddenly feels "safe" again! It's better than just an earth walk. I think it's because all the other people in a store overwhelms him and "our car" feels "safe" again.

CoCo at age 14 months is still prone to car anxiety. When I stop the car to "explain" to him, talk to him, where we are going, what's going to occur at the destination, the better he adapts. Our doggy groomer ride is 45 minutes. Now he's secure because he knows where we are going, exactly, and "exactly" what doggy groomer will do to him today. It seems like the more details I offer, encouragement, the more relaxed, calmed, he becomes.

Plan a picnic stop. Long stops, pee, poop, walk & eats.

Let him know how long the ride ahead will be and that he's heading for "forever home" with "forever family" and "we all are safe". CoCo really calms down when he hears "we are safe".

It's so exciting your new puppy dog will have a caring home! When he finally arrives, he'll be overwhelmed by the new scents. He'll already know your son's scent well. Let them sleep together the first night.

Encourage a safety blanket. When your son is away the blanket will offer new puppy dog security. Your puppy dog will take over the whole house, soon, however its baby-steps in the transition.

Allow your puppy dog to make his markings outside, right from the get go. That's his sense of identity and where he is. He'll feel lost for the first bit, a few days, so the more outside makings (on your property) the better. Don't take him for long walks just yet. It's too much, too fast. Allow him to walk your property, and mark his new home, first, until he feels comfortable. He's got to get a sense of "home" first.

CoCo gets overwhelmed easily when he's in new surroundings. He's now almost 15 months old. He's extremely sensitive. When I permit him time to adjust, he gains such self-confidence.

I may sound overly protective. Not so. I simply hear, feel, small puppy dog emotion.

CoCo just jumped up to mommy, in this exact moment of writing on my iPad, to you, and kissed me!

These Coton's are so intuitive! You're going to be very very happy with your new puppy dog! Treat him delicate, because they are so very delicate, in my personal experience. They will honor, respect and protect you as much as you do them!

Congratulations on your new puppy dog!

Please keep us informed. I can't wait to learn how the long drive went, and the arrival to "forever" home. How exciting that you care, so much, from the get-go!!!

Sep 07, 2015
Way home NEW
by: Brian

Thank you all for your responses. We agre going to pick this guy up and drive him home. It's a 6.5 hr drive. Do you have any suggestions about how to make this ride safe and smooth? Our son who is 19.5 will sit on the back with him.

Sep 07, 2015
New home NEW
by: Iris

Bless you Brian for Givin this Coton a forever loving home. When I got Tuffy he had been weaned at four wee k s and was the size of a fur baseball.
I had to take a week off work,sick leave to mother and bond with him. At the time I had been without a dog for many years.i was a child and a stay at home mom when I did have dogs If I had known when I got Tuffy, I would have made pet sitting arrangements as soon as I got him, because I was ignorant if the breed and also of any been puppy needs
I was working full time and living in a small apartment. Whatever I read and was told by the breeder was wrong. The Coton is not a passive,lazy lap dog,and absolutely not content to live alone in a small area. Tuffy is intelligent,intuitive and fun loving. The most loyal and protective dog.
They love to play, run circles around you and be part of your life, not left alone. Sadly, he developed separation anxiety which I didn't learn of until I retired from my job. Even though my neighbor heard him barking and crying for weeks, she never said a word to me until I moved away . he's seven years old now and goes almost everywhere with me. I love him with all my heart.p.s. he knows it's okay to use a pee pad when I can't bring him outside. He also know how to find spots outdoors to go potty. He's almost psychic in his understanding abilities. Please be the person that dog needs for the rest of his life. The Coton de Tulear is pure love.♡

Sep 07, 2015
by: Vicky & Jonah

Just as Sherry said & since hes been in two other homes he will just need to learn from you what his expectations are. When I say this I'm speaking of is he allowed on furniture or bed, stuff like that.

He may be shy at stuff b/c of mixed signals in the diff. Homes.

Here r some free videos by Zak George who is a very good positive trainer. You can also link to them from his Facebook page. Just start from scratch & puppies learn so easy when they know what you want.

Love, treats & food go a long way. Lol.

Enjoy your puppy & know he's coming into his mischievous stage.

This is a wonderful site & most of us have been around for a long time. You can also join Coton De Tulear Facebook Group on Facebook & it's easier to send links. Welcome

Sep 07, 2015
Wrap him in a warm blanket!
by: Anonymous

BRINGING PUPPY "HOME"! Have a nice talk, tell him know who you are, where he's going. ASK him if he'd like a FOREVER HOME with you and your family. Tell him what's it like living with you, and where you will go for walks. TALK to him, bond with him before you even leave with him.

Have a blanket and warm it in the dryer before you leave his current home. When you get him to the car, wrap him in the blanket on your lap. Allow several minutes before you start your car. TALK with him!

These puppies understand every word!

If it's a long ride to your home, have some water for him. Stop along the way to give him a safe car break. Tell him its just a car break to "play" and "we're safe"!

CoCo is afraid of the dark. The time of day to do the ride to "forever" home is during the day, early morning or just before dark when its not too hot in the car. Window open is good cause dogs need to sniff to give them a sense of where they are, a sense of safety.

These rare dogs are expensive puppies. Most owners don't spend so much money to give him up, not once but twice in 11 months?

Your new Coton may just need your loving, supportive, calm, guidance. The previous owners may have had disappointment if they left him crated for long hours alone and/or gave harsh discipline. These puppies respond best by being shown what TO do. They love to please. The no word is of no use if its over used.

CoCo came to me at almost three months. I believe he was a "return" puppy that didn't work out, perhaps. He was timid, fearful and had shakes while sleeping and awake. He didn't know where to pee. His appetite was poor and his coat was dull. He was unhappy and scorned. It was either over disciplined with a broken spirit or had after effects off too many toxic vaccines.

First, I snuggled him beside me each night in my bed. I loved him through his shakes by not pushing him forward faster than HE was ready. I used soft whispers, lots of communication, lots of listening and soft ways of showing him what Big Boys do. I had to praise him for using the PeePee paddy before he ever got it understood!

When I offered him love, patience, safety and protection he bonded very quickly. I communicated, talked and assured him I was his "forever" mommy. By 7 days he was all mine 100% dedication.

I even arranged a visit by his birth doggie parents at my house. That helped him so very much. He was just a pup.

He respects my every word. I make him part of all activities. I make these good times.

I ensured his diet was rich in home cooked natural foods including natural oils like olive oil and pasture butter. I don't use synthetic scented grooming products nor toxic flea products.

I reassured CoCo I was his "forever" mommy and THIS was "CoCo's home! He made his outside markings, usually in a protective panic if any other dogs pee'd near. I didn't scold his neurotic behavior. I encouraged him "We are Safe"!

When he barked excessively I'd say "Let's go check it out"! His barking stopped instantly.

When he got too aggressive, too bored, a car ride away would resolve his inquisitive urge to learn more. He loves to go out. He loves car rides through Parks or streets where I drive slowly and he is permitted to hang his head out the window, sniff and look around. I talk, and tell him about things we pass by. It's "Our Time". He's very well behaved when we return, happy to be "home"!

What ever your puppy needs, be there to see him through, at his pace, with all the love you can give. Love heals his lost past and it's you that can create his good future. These are little puppies that are no bigger than our upper arm. They need our love and protection. They are loyal, extremely intelligent and very loving.

Coton puppies need to pee often. Their bladder is very small. Don't make them hold it. At one year old CoCo wants out about every 90 minutes. He drinks lots of water, which is good.

CoCo poops twice a day. He lets me know first by jumping up and french kissing me. If I miss that clue, he offers a loud demanding "bark". If I miss that clue, he starts running crazy in circles through out the house. If I miss that clue, he comes out with a Roll of Toilet Paper! Oh, I GET IT!

Sometimes he brings my shoes to me. That means he wants a walk.

These puppies love to communicate. Ensure you have an open mind to "listening" before disciplining. They are loads of fun and will bring tears of laughter. They love to entertain.

The first night, I wrapped CoCo in a soft cotton towel, warm from the dryer. The warmth of the wrap made CoCo feel I was his "true" mommy, I think!

CoCo loves his warm towels to this day, after a wet rain walk, after a bath and anytime he's cold, lonely or bored.

In two more sleeps, CoCo will have been with me ONE year. He's in perfect health, thick white shinny coat, extremely confident, perfectly behaved, proud and walks with a strut of "Royalty". The neighbors call him the "Happy" puppy!

CoCo is an Angel.

Your new Coton will be your Angel too!

Sep 07, 2015
by: sherry candie cotton

Congrats on getting your new family member, sad he has had so many different homes in just 11 months. Its hard to say how long it will take him to adjust--just be kind, patient and soft spoken and I would think in a few days you will have him following you everywhere.

Hope to see pics of your little guy and good luck with him!!!

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