Finding a good Vet

by Iris

Finding a good Vet you feel is right for your Coton is, in my opinion, more difficult than it was finding a pediatrician for my three children. When I got Tuffy as a newborn puppy in December of 2007, the breed Coton De Tulear was an uncommon unknown. My search was not only for a compassionate conservative more holistic Veterinarian, but also one that knew about the Cotons and their specific health care. Tall order!!

I moved from California to Connecticut with Tuffy,
and during our extended stay of 8 years, and after following neighbors advice and many (5) wrong Vets for my dog, we fortunately found one on our own in a new town we moved to, (Tuffy and me) who worked with us, really showed he cared about Tuffy, who was knowledgeable and spent time explaining everything to me and took very special care of him, he read the research I had discovered and followed up,including life saving surgeries. We did our best keeping my sweet boy Tuffy alive for ten years. It was teamwork, a blessing.

Love, Tuffy’s Mom
Tuffy in memory ,passed March, 2017

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