by jonathan
(birmingham uk)

Hello i have a coton de tulear crossed with a shih zue im a bit conserned as the white bit in her left eye ball is darker in the corner than the rest of the eye in the right eye its lovely the white part of the eye is the same all the way around.. Plus the skin around the left eye is pink and around the right one it is black. Any help would be greatfuly appreciated! As im a bit worried she may have eye problems ps she is only 8 weeks old.. thanks Jonathan

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Mar 23, 2015
red eyes NEW
by: Anonymous

My puppy has the very same going on with his eyes , Tanner is 11 months (we think) got him from a shelter, awesome dog,,Anyway took him to the vet, waste of time, changed his diet no change to the eyes, not sure what is going on, but he is still teething so maybe that has something to do with it, but as baffled as you are.

Mar 02, 2015
Color distoration around eyes & eyewhites NEW
by: Reenie

I was concerned for my puppy too & paid for a Vet appointment. He gave a very general "ckeck-up" and reported the little guy was in "perfect health". The eyes were watery pink, dripped nightly. I just wanted to know if his eyes were o.k. The Vet stated "they are fine" with no detail. I later learned from our groomer that pink color distortion around and in the eyes is common for white hair dogs. Later I read it has to do with "teething" (chemicals in eye cells change) and we notice it more in fair hair dogs. Now my pup is 8 months, done teething, and his eyes are clear. I guess at 8 weeks the Vet can't do much, anyways. Also, the pup came with so many vaccinations there could be all kinds of reactions there too.

I'm not inferring your issue is similar to mine. I'm just saying that my Vet didn't seem concerned about the pup's eyes. He wasn't too concerned either of what I thought were possible seizure symptoms at nights. My guess is a pup is still forming, and will grow out of alot of things.

I doubt paying for a Vet appointment this early will solve much as Vet's are reluctant to comment without further "tests" (Liability reasons). The process for diagnose is expensive. I'm not a Vet and I'm not advising you. I'm simply sharing my first hand experience as to the puppy stage where my eye inquiry didn't seem like a big deal to the Vet.

Here's an online Vet service that may help sort the urgency of your inquiry. Please post the results so we can all learn together. CLICK:


CoCo's mom.

Mar 02, 2015
eyes NEW
by: Iris

It seems since your puppy is so young it would be best to take her to a Veterinarian for a complete check up and explain your concerns about her eyes at that time. Best wishes and good luck
Tuffy's mom

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