Dog obsessed with a particular toy

by Lee Medensky
(Kearney, Ontario, Canada)

I have a two year old Scottie,Buchland Terrier mix who has suddenly become obsessed with a rubber toy chicken.

I bought the toy two weeks ago and until Tuesday evening of this week, she never paid it any attention. She picked it up after being out with me to somewhere she loves to go, and now she will not go out to pee, eat, drink or do anything. She curls around the toy on the couch and that is where she likes to stay.

She will not eat even if I put her supper on the couch beside her. I really do not know what to do.

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Dec 12, 2009
Dog toy obsession can be serious
by: Gale

Hi Lee

Dogs sometimes get obsessed with their toys for various reasons and which can usually be solved with some obedience training. But when the toy obsession impacts their safety it's time to get help. If your dog isn't eating I suggest you take her to the Vet to rule out any physiological problems.

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