Does my dog look guilty?

by Gale

What does a guilty Coton look like?

What does a guilty Coton look like?

I couldn't resist sharing this picture of Luc caught in the act. I thought we had overcome his uncontrollable desire to get into the trash. He was doing so well that I stopped using the child safety lock.

Guess Luc and I need some more training. But he really does look guilty doesn't he?

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Oct 11, 2010
by: Casper's mom

I've seen that look SO many times-- love it! Hard to stay mad at an adorable face like that!!! :o)

Sep 29, 2010
:) :) :)
by: Ana Claudia

Yes, he does! needs a lot of spaking, squeezing, hugging....awwwww........ he can do anything he wants with that face!

Sep 27, 2010
Naughty boy
by: Anonymous

Luc you are a naughty boy. Hope you got something tasty before you got caught :)

Sep 25, 2010
Luc the guilty one?
by: Iris

Dear Luc,
Tell mommy Gale that garbage looks pretty interesting and flavorful, how could you resist that temptation?
Tuffy loves garbage pick up day, he has to stop and sniff every can on the curb, as if it was a smorgesbord! I put all of our strong smelling stuff that goes into the garbage into a separate plastic bag tied up into the big plastic bag, Tuffy can still smell it but has not tried to get into it.He prefers shredding paper stuff from the waste basket in the bathroom. Long story short, the garbage goes out to the big can very often!
Tuffy and mom

Sep 25, 2010
Does my dog look guilty?
by: Joyce

Luc sure does. God Bless Luc - I'm happy to report that JR doesn't do that. He's really good about his food. We have Kuddles of Llasho too - and there's never been a problem with trash.

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