Does anyone have experience with ACL surgery or thrust knees?

by Nanci

Hi....I am an owner of a 2 and-a-half-year-old Coton, Boo. Boo injured her left hind leg in September, spent most of September/October "down" six/seven weeks time she was back to full activity. Because of an (infrequent) clicking sound, I had her leg scanned. Two vets are now recommending surgery because her injury was a full all tear and there are signs of arthritis already setting in. They also noticed that both her knees are in a "thrust" position -- not having the surgery also presents a more dangerous situation if she injures her right leg.

My questions to the Coton community: does anyone have experience with ACL surgery on their dog? Has anyone else heard of "thrust" knees in connection with the breed? Would love for her to not have to go through the trauma of this surgery, but very torn about compromising her quality of life/activity if I don't. Any information most appreciated. Thank you!

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Nov 17, 2017
by: Dave

In April 2017 our 5 yo female Francie tore her left hind ACL while horsing around with her brother. We took her to the emergency facility in Annapolis MD (first rate clinic) where they diagnosed the rupture and performed TPLO ( It was very expensive, but successful, with a recovery period of 3 months during which my wife slept with her on a mattress on the living room floor to ensure Francie would not jump off our bed and re-injure herself. We were told that when this happens it is not unusual for the same thing to happen on the other side, and sure enough, last week 11/14/17) Francie blew out her other hind stiple. Her surgery will be Nov 29th, and here we go again.

Feb 12, 2017
Research NEW
by: Judy

Do research with second opinion and ever third. Good luck.

Feb 10, 2017
My Coton knees NEW
by: Iris

Tuffy is nine years old and if you see pictures of him his front legs look like a ballerina legs and feet, his left rear leg gave him some trouble as a young dog. When I looked up the symptoms ( not a good idea) on the internet it made me believe my dog had a luxating patella. I took him to the Vet, who flexed Tuffy's knee back and forth( it popped) and said he doesn't have luxating patella, he is just flexible, like a person who is 'double jointed' and it may pop out if he jumps but it will go back. Not a problem.
Tuffy is in the hospital right now having his fourth surgery in two years for reoccurring large calcium oxylate bladder stones that cannot pass through when he urinates.
As for your dog, if it were me, I would seek other Veterinarian advice. Over the years I had tuffy seen by different vets and switched until I found one who was highly educated and able to communicate with me about my dog and veterinary science, and who truly cares about him. We moved cross country and have again started with a new Vet with 40 years experience.
Love and best of health, Iris and Tuffy

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