Does anyone else's sweetie love to dig?

by Heather
(St. Louis, MO)

First thing in the morning when we let Lucy and Sophie (lab) outside to potty, Lucy spends her time digging. She has a hole out there that is 1/2 way to China. She has toys out there, another dog, and she is only out there 15 minutes to potty. Thoughts?

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Nov 30, 2012
Digging Cotons
by: Anonymous

My coton would dig all day if given the option. Trying an ultrasonic devic now that seems to be working but he requires supervision every time he goes out.n otherwise he will dig a hole abut 2ft deep in about 5 minutes and lie in it. 6 months old. Never considered that it out make e crazy.

Oct 15, 2012
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

Possibly for the time being her outside potty breaks should be supervised. Once her nose goes down where the hole is to start digging a sharp AH AH to break the train of thought. U may also have to stand in front of the pleasure of her new game digging & back her away from her hole by walking forward toward her of course not stepping on her with a NO.

I will say this will probably not be a short process since it sounds like she has been practicing on this instilled behavior for awhile. It is a proven fact that by preventing the behavior from going forward the behavior will gradually become obsolete.

There is also another option. This one entails building a sand box or sand area in ur yd. Hiding some of their toys & treats in the sand. By doing this it will be training them that this is their place which even ur lab will enjoy. This thou will need some supervision starting out since it will be curbing the action to one particular place.

Lets say either of these suggestions take 6 mo. to retrain the action. It also may not take that long. In the long run will u be better off be dedicating the time now where down the road it may prevent unneccessary baths, health issues, yard issues & peace of mind. Good luck in whatever ur decide to do.

PS. When Jonah was a puppy he did the digging thing (I think 9 mos.) & I do consider a dog up until 2 yrs really a puppy. So I would watch & when he started I would say no & refocus his attention on a sponge frizbee or ball or just calling him to me for some play. It worked the behavior went away.

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