Curvy arm bones?

by Dareen

I am the loving owner of Snowy, a pure bred Coton...I want to ask: has anyone noticed that the bones of the forearms of a Coton are a bit curving to the front, a little like those of a dachshund? Mine walks, runs and plays perfectly and is always so energetic. He never had lameness or any other problem. He even won a couple of international shows!!! but by chance I had his arms xrayed and we saw curvy bones... I started going around seeing vets; one surgeon told me he is a Chondrodystrophic Coton, so this is a genetic mutation! Another said it is a short Ulna syndrom and wanted to operate only on one arm and he explained that the curviness will still be there in both arms afterwards (I am sure he only wanted the money)... but could it be the Short Ulna and in both arms equally?!

I got him from a well known breeder and he had a pedigree... she said she never had this problem in her dogs..

Please could anyone tell me if their coton has curvy arm bones? Maybe these vets have never seen the skeletal structure of a Coton before..

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Apr 05, 2017
Curvy leg NEW
by: Anonymous

My dog has one leg with a slight curve to it also. He is very sturdy , active and healthy. No problems at 4 yrs old. I too purchased from reputable breeder and have all his blood lines, ancestry etc. Thought perhaps his bone plate shifted since he's so rambunctious and playful. Tough little man, lol. Just trying to keep his weight normal so no future problems. Thanks for sharing , thought perhaps it was just him !

Mar 29, 2017
Jon-Luc NEW
by: Denise

My little one has the same thing. He looks bow-legged when he stands. I never had it checked out. My guy is a big boy, so I am watching his weight.

Mar 28, 2017
curvy arm bones NEW
by: Lulu & Socrates

We never heard of a such thing, but we read it can happened to short legged dogs. We think if he is health and happy, a surgery is not needed. Only thing, you really need to keep in correct weight. It can be worsen with age and weight of the dog.
Good Luck!

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