Coton de Tulear housebreaking problem

by Janet

I have a Coton de Tulear. She is almost 13mos. old. We have been crate training her and she's been great in the crate. Wonderful all night and if we go out during the day, she goes in crate and is fine.

We are having problems housebreaking her and trusting her to give her the run of the house. We let her out, she does what she should do, but sometimes 1 hr. later she pees in the house. Sometimes she signals us by crying (she cries frequently just to get attention).

It doesn't seem she can hold urine more than a few hrs. when out of her crate. She has a special place on our carpet in family room that she especially likes. Any suggestions?

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Nov 19, 2017
11 mo. Old Coton still has wetting issues after going outside NEW
by: Anonymous

We have an 11 mo. Old Coton. She is the sweetest thing. Goes to kennel when told, sleeps with me all night without wetting. The problem is that sporadically she will wet in the house even after being outside an hour before. She'll come and jump on my leg if I am standing if she needs to go out. Lately, she has wet on my bed and bedroom floor. I am exasperated with this. Can anyone help? Me

Jul 03, 2010
House Training Tips
by: Gale

I know it can be so frustrating to have house training issues. I had a Yorkie who never really got the concept, but I must admit that it was mostly my ignorance in training him. I wasn't consistent and pretty much let that 8 pound dog run things :)

When I got my Coton, Luc, I was determined to have a well house trained dog. Thankfully, he learned fast and it's never been an issue for us. Here are some tips:

  1. Make it a priority. Do whatever you can to ensure your dog gets trained properly. This may mean that for a week or two you will have to give her a lot more attention than usual.

  2. If she's found a favorite spot in the house you have to nip that in the bud right away. Clean the spot thoroughly with an odor neutralizer, or better yet, make sure she doesn't have access to that area for a while.

  3. Set her up for success. This means you have to watch her very closely and take her outside BEFORE she can have an accident in the house. Most dogs show signs that they have to go so take her out as soon as you see her sniffing or whining. See how one of our visitors cleverly got her dog to ring a bell when it was time to go potty.

  4. When you catch her in the act, stop her immediately, say "No" in an authoritative voice and take her outside (no yelling or hitting - just correcting behavior).

  5. Reward her profusely when she goes in the right place.

  6. Put her on a schedule. Dogs almost always have to eliminate after sleep, play, and eating so make sure to take her out during these times. Small dogs have to go much more frequently than larger dogs so it's not unusual to have to take her out 10 times a day. Doggy doors are great once they're trained.

  7. Make sure to go outside with her until she's trained. This is because your puppy will not relieve herself if she gets anxious about being separated from you. So chances are she'll relieve herself as soon as she comes back in. Also, if you're outside with her, you can reward her right away when she eliminates.

Another visitor used pee pads to help with house training. You can see how she had success here.

Good luck with the training.

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