How to Find Private Reputable Coton de Tulear Dog Breeders

Many Coton de Tulear dog breeders are extremely knowledgeable about the breed and take great care to ensure that their dogs are healthy and have good genetic traits. As previously mentioned, you need to be somewhat of a detective to weed out the good ones from the bad ones.

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In today’s world you need to be aware of the difference between a good breeder and a good salesperson. There are too many commercial breeders just trying to make a buck and it’s up to us to weed the good from the bad.

It’s very important to interview the breeder at length and to use your intuition when you're interviewing them. Make sure the place is safe and clean and that the animals are well cared for and ask lots and lots of questions.

It is your responsibility to do your due diligence and make certain that the breeder ALWAYS has the best interest of the dog at heart. Here are some questions to help you determine if you’re dealing with a conscientious breeder.

10 Questions you should ask
Coton de Tulear dog breeders:

  1. Can I meet the puppy's parents? (Make sure you see the "parents" of the puppy to make sure there are no apparent health or temperament issues. It's not always possible to see the father, but always see the mother)

  2. Has the puppy been handled a lot - what do you do to socialize him?

  3. Does the mother get along with other dogs?

  4. What tests have you done on the parents?

  5. Do you have a vet report on the puppy?

  6. Will you provide references from past puppies you've placed?

  7. What do you feed the puppy? (should be high quality premium food)

  8. What breeder clubs are you associated with? (should be involved with shows or clubs)

  9. Do you have the puppy's medical history signed by a veterinarian?

  10. How many different breeds do you raise? (shouldn't be more than 1 or 2)

Questions good Coton de Tulear
Dog breeders should ask you:

  • How will you get the puppy home?
  • Why did you pick this breed?
  • Are there any other pets in the home?
  • How many hours will the dog be left at home?
  • Where will the dog sleep?
  • Will you sign contract to spay or neuter the dog?
  • Describe your home environment – Is there a yard? If you rent, are pets allowed?
  • Describe family members who will be in daily contact with the dog
  • Are you prepared for the necessary expenses associated with owning a dog (yearly shots and routine medical care, food, grooming, toys, pet sitters, unexpected illnesses, etc).
  • Are you prepared to make sure the dog is properly bathed and groomed?

It’s important to feel comfortable with the breeder you select, as your relationship should continue long after you have taken the puppy home. A good breeder will be a willing resource to answer any questions you have about your puppy before and after you take the puppy home.

Avoid Coton de Tulear dog breeders who:

  • raise puppies outdoors instead of socializing them inside with their family
  • have dogs that are fearful of visitors and seem shy or guarded
  • don't encourage you to spend time with the puppy
  • produce more than 3 litters a year
  • breed to extreme sizes (giant or teacup)
  • don't encourage multiple visits with your entire family
  • require that you use a particular veterinarian
  • don't make themselves available after you buy the puppy
  • allows puppies to leave the litter before 7-8 weeks old
  • pressures you to buy the puppy
  • get defensive when asked lots of questions

Use your intuition.  If something doesn't feel right, it usually isn't.

If you’ve interviewed the breeder and feel confident that they are responsible and meet all of the above criteria for a good breeder, what do you do if they are not in your general location?

This is where it is even more important to thoroughly interview a potential breeder. Often breeders will send videos of the puppies and the parents. We are fortunate to live in a time where technology allows us to communicate without having to physically be there. Social media, Skype, YouTube, and e-mail are just a few examples of ways you can learn about potential puppies.

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