CoCo 10 weeks - 13 weeks

by Reenie
(West Vancouver BC)

"A brief sniff of lavender makes me go "sleep-sleep" easily, blended with non-oily Jojoba oil I have natural flea repellant for my hair & skin, I love to 'hop' into my "Go-Go" bag to go to the store for CoCo Bones, I do a little bark for peepee break and I scratch with my paws when I need to go poopoo. I'm real good to 'stay', I know what 'no' means and my funnest game is hide-and-go-seek. I love to please, I need praise so I know precisely what I am doing correct and I when I'm scared I need help. I'm a big soul in a little body & I can't protect myself yet.

I love to run fast & jump hulla-hoops like a bunny rabbit. I always listen when play time is over. I know 'gentle walk' otherwise I'll beat-you-to-the-front-door. I love to be sponge bathed with a warm cloth & brushed to look "pretty". Please don't scold me ever, my heart pounds. Just show me what a word means & I'll do it happily. I understand everything you say about me and I love cuddles in soft cotton towels.

I don't want preservatives in my food and I don't want the same each day, in and out. You'd be bored too if you only ate one food over & over again. I enjoy 'taste' and 'smell', I need variety for nutritional needs, the kind you home cook for me when I peek into the kitchen from the dining area to watch you. If you want me to stay away from the kleenex box put a drop of TeaTree oil on the kleenex & I promise you I won't touch it. I won't lick your shoes either. And don't expect me to pee on scented peepee pads. I prefer the non scented brand. I like my bath time with natural soap and a soft shower spray, not full blast, and I like warm towels from the hot dryer to warm me after.

I'm highly sensed, sensitive, sensible, intuitive and I shy away from heavy energy beings cause love, not domination, is what I respond to. Once you grasp my evolved sense of being I become quite entertaining. I give you giggles, love, play and total respect. Just treat me as you would treat any little evolved angel. I'm humbled and loyal to be at your side, always. Teach me, protect me, praise me and hug me. I love you too and I'm a very good boy".

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Oct 01, 2014
Sherry cotton candie NEW
by: Reenie Rose

Answer to sherry cotton candie: How do I post a picture? I added pictures with my first submission but I don't see them anywhere. Can you advise me how to post a picture? Thank you.

Oct 01, 2014
Leslie and Jasper NEW
by: Anonymous

The "lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil, sesame oil and castor oil in wipes" sounds like too much for a small dog like a Coton. Perhaps a big dog needs such a combination. For a small dog with hair like a Coton (no fur) I use Jojoba oil. It's much more expensive but I only need several drops. It's non oily and doesn't need to be diluted like castor oil. It's got no ill side effects and is used to nourish 'hair'. Lemongrass will work with Jojoba. So will Eucalyptus or Lavendar. So will Lemon. One essential oil will do the flea trick. I wouldn't combine two essential oils for such a small dog. I use pure essential oils so a single drop does the trick. I think you're right about the Lavendar - it's very calming and peaceful.

I have CoCo's spray-mist blend recipe available with pictures. Email me at

Oct 01, 2014
Leslie & Jasper NEW
by: Reenie Rose

I have pictures & receipe for CoCo's home-made natural flea spray mist. Email me at and I will glady forward to any Coton mommy or daddy that's interested.

I use fresh garden flower petal water for the mist spray. I store CoCo's blend in glassbottles (with potato alcohol as perservative) to last the winter season. Aromatherapy Specialized Kinesiology techniques for those of us that are highly sensitive.

CoCo's sense of smell is highly alert. I use aromatherapy for where I need CoCo to stay away from too. I stand a tiny 15mil bottle (closed) beside electrical plugs. With just a drop on the bottle's lid CoCo reverts. By saving my empty essential oil bottles I have been able to make CoCo "no no" bottles to place where CoCo may not aught to safely play. CoCo knows "TeaTree" sniffs are "no no" places (electrical plugs, kleenex boxes, toilet paper, plastic garbage bags, detergents). By using pure essential oils as props to teach, CoCo learns by scents on the first go around (very quickly). Now whenever CoCo hears "no" he immediatly reverts. I think he must sniff TeaTree in his mind when he hears "no"!

I use very little lavendar (a drop) for flea prevention. CoCo is so alert/hyper to scents that a drop (diluted in jojoba oil or flower water) is enough. I use it at "sleep sleep" time cause lavendar makes CoCo calm right down and go sleep sleep. I do not use it daily. So far, no fleas and the fleas he came with from the vet visit are gone.

Oct 01, 2014
by: Vicky & Jonah

What a wonderful story. Congratulations on your new addition to your family. Your Coton sounds wonderfully sweet & full of life.

Sep 29, 2014
Tell me more about the lavender- jojoba flea repellant NEW
by: Leslie and Jasper

I love this sweet story. II am very interested in natural flea repellant

I bought the pet naturals from chewy that has lemongrass oil, cinnamon oil, sesame oil and castor oil in wipes which I like but the lavender might be a more gentle smell
Wonderful story!

Sep 29, 2014
Precious NEW
by: Anonymous

A precious little boy. Seems like they all have these loving characteristics and that is what makes them the most devoted little souls. Coco will never cease to amaze you. I hope you get to have many, many amazing years together!!

Sep 29, 2014
by: sherry cotton candie

I think you have a very smart and loving mommy CoCo....Very well said and glad you are such a good little boy and soooo loved.

Look forward to hearing more from you as you grow up and maybe a picture?

Sep 29, 2014
Sweet NEW
by: Mary

What a sweet story. Thank you for the tips about the different oils.

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