Celeste May 16th,2007

by Charlotte W.
(Tonawanda, NY USA)

Celeste is a puppy mill mom, we rescued her two years ago this month. She would not respond to anything,afraid of noise of any kind, would not walk past anything strange or out of place in her path to go outside, she had to be taught how to walk up steps. Would not look at anyone.

Now two years later with love and showing her she could do all the above things, she runs around the yard, walks by and sniffs at things she does not know. walks over to our oldest daughter to sniff her hand in a hello. some noise still startles her but not like before. She will look me in the eye and starting to do it to others.

One thing she does I do not know if it is a Coton trait- she leaps off the porch to the ground and back up, not walking up the steps... smile

She is just so special and loving in her own way... Everyday is her birthday as she learns a new thing daily...

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Jun 27, 2017
Celeste On the Move NEW
by: Charlotte

Thanks for all the comments on Celeste... She is having another good year for learning experiences. We lost our Dunkin (Bichon/Poodle) to cancer in April this year.
We now have two rescues added to our family. First to arrive is Annie 2yr Chihuahua mix and couple weeks later Leli (as in princess Laya from star wars)4year old Toy Poodle.
Celeste has been more active with them around. She comes outside with us to see what I am doing, noses around the yard,goes back inside and comes back out to check on things. She also explores the kitchen more and when she does not see me in her line of sight she comes looking for me..
I am so glad we found Annie and Leli.

May 17, 2017
Celeste NEW
by: Anne Glenmoore

I am so glad you and Celeste found each other. You saved her life and she wii always love you. We adopted a Maltipoo who had been in the ASPCA twuce. Ewe don't know her story but it took over 2 years before she would let us hold her. She lives attention but would bolt when we tried to pick her up.so we know she might have been abused or not lived. But today she is so happy, playful, runs off our deck, slipping 3 steps and runs in circles of hsppiness. She also talks all day long asking for her treats and permission to play. So your baby will get there. Unconditional love and patience go a long way to healing. Good luck and lots of love to you both.

May 16, 2017
Happy Birthday NEW
by: Anonymous

I am soooo thankful Celeste has found a loving forever home. My heart hurts when I think of what some of these babies have to go thru. Happy Birthday Celeste.

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