Butt fur trouble..,

by Cleo
(Maryland )

Does anyone else have trouble with poop pieces getting stuck on their cotons butt and leg fur? He is still a puppy and we would love to keep him long haired but it’s super gross to clean.
Thanks in advance

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Jul 11, 2021
Get real and get some safety dog trimming scissors (blunt ended) NEW
by: Ciel is silly

Wow, the description of cleaning a puppy butt with all kinds of washing and wiping details was too much for me.

We have had our Coton, Ciel, for 5 weeks. She hasn't been groomed yet, but the poopy hair problem was unsightly and hard to manage. After 5 days I watched a couple of youtube videos and read 2 puppy grooming sites. Then I ordered pet safety scissors (came with a full grooming set including a great comb) for $15 on Amazon. I had my husband distract her with a toy, lifted her tail and trimmed her butt hair. We have had NO POOP problems since then. I did just re-trim again after ~3 1/2 weeks since the hair was getting longer again - but not picking up poop yet.

Way easier to trim than to clean every time she poops!!

Jul 08, 2021
Try changing their diet NEW
by: Chico's mum


We had the same problem with our boy. My solution was controversial but it worked wonders for us. We switched him to raw food. It was a slow and gradual process but it firmed up his poo and we haven't had to clean his butt in months now. He has a very sensitive tummy-I read somewhere that Coton's are prone to sensitive tummies. Since switching him to raw he is thriving in every way. We live in England and we found this wonderful dog food called Pure which is air dried raw food so safe and very convenient to use.

Raw feeding is not for everyone-I certainly never thought I would be doing it, but it works for Chico. Hope this helps.

Jul 05, 2021
Butt fur trouble NEW
by: Francia

Lulu is now 7 years old. I avoid that situation going out with the small bag and a piece of kitchen paper. I clean her outside and clean after her. After coming home if she is not clean I use wet tissues for dogs, which are tossed out in a small bag. If the situation is gross I clean first with TP and flush. Then, I use waterless bath spray and dry the wet part .
I learned that certain cookies are the cause that the pooh is more soft than usual. Besides, I keep some kid’s scissors just to trim a little hair if needed.
Lulu is eating RoyalCanine small bites. The cookies she is eating in small pieces are the salmon strips from Plato pets treats. The waterless bath is puppy gentle from espree.
Lulu is used that I clean her outside and inside.
Hope this helps

Jun 21, 2021
Butt fur trouble part 2
by: Puplover

Yes - we have this trouble, too! I haven't found any tricks, since he's only 3 months old and hasn't had a trim yet. (when and how often will they need to be trimmed?)
We just give him a good clean in the sink (gross; we have to disinfect it after of course) but I'm open to any ideas!

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