bites at tail

by Jross
(Buffalo NY)

She is very protective of her tail and will nip at me if I try to touch her tail. Seems like something is biting her as she bites at it viciously. She has very long hair on tail. Wish I could look to see what is there, but she nips if I touch her she does with her groomer, and Veterinarian. She is on Revolution monthly, and gets he allergy shot as well.

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Jul 20, 2018
Biting at tail NEW
by: Iris

Distractt with a piece of chicken breast and search under the hair on her hips and backside also around ears and head forsigns of fleas,eggs and ticks( they can be a tiny black spot.
The ticks blow up when they are engirged with blood from your dog, the tick needs to be grabbed by the legs with tweezers and pulled straight out. For fleas you will have to bathe the dog with flea soap. It is healthier to give your dog a summer puppy cut, be aware, no matter what preventive you use, they can still get infested with fleas or ticks . They will i ite and itch and hurt the dog, and transmit diseases like Lyme disease. My dog had that, extremely painful, could not walk, all through his spine from a lyme tick bite and had to be on penicillin for a full month.
Good luck

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