"Bird" Saver

by Judy Garonzik
(Monrovia, MD)

My Coton "BILLIE" is the most extraordinary dog. I am a bird breeder and when thinking about a dog for me, I investigated on the internet for dogs that would not "eat my birds" and found this breed came up many times as animal friendly and people and kid friendly. Boy is she. She grew up with my birds and would always help me find them when they got out of their cages.

Last month one of my "indian ring necks" was missing from her cage when I went into the bird room and I assumed she was in the bird room hiding. I opened the door to let Billie go outside and then started looking for the bird.

Could not find her immediately and then went to the door to check on Billie. She was at the other end of the yard and did not come when I called her. I assumed she was doing her business and went back inside to find the bird. I checked everywhere again and could not find her.

Again I went to the door to check on Billie and she was still on the other side of the yard but I noticed this time she was using her paws to keep something on the ground. I had found my indian ring neck or rather Billie had found her. Some how the bird had gotton out the door and Billie noticed and had followed her. She was keeping the bird on the ground with her paws until I could get there with the net to scoop the bird up and bring her back into the bird room.

She is a hero to me. The bird would have died outside since she knew nothing about taking care of herself.

Billie has done this many times in the past inside when birds get out of their cages but never outside. Of course the birds do not go outside usually. When in the bird room she is always better at keeping track of them then I can so I ask her sometimes to tell me where they are.

Last week one of my baby birds that I was hand feeding got out of the box and got lost in the bird room. After looking all over for him I finally ask Billie to find the bird. She went over to a group of boxes that was sitting behind the cages and was smelling around. I did find the little baby behind the boxes and was able to get him back but without Billie it may have taken me a while to find him and he could have gotton too cold for me to keep him alive.

I have never seen a dog that would not try to get the bird with their mouths. She is remarkable. Of course she has grown up with these critters and thinks this is her job to keep track of them. No matter I think she is the most remarkable dog in the world and am lucky to have such a loving and loyal best friend and bird partner.

Judy Garonzik

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Nov 03, 2012
"Bird" saver
by: Jolie's Mom

These posts just further amaze me how smart these babies are!! They learn new things so easily, just like this post about knowing that the birds are his job!! When I talk to Jolie, I can see the ideas go through her mind, especially when she is deciding whether or not she wants to do something that is fun, but will probably get her into trouble!! (I'm sure you can figure out which one usually wins!! She is so cute when she is trying to get out of being in trouble, its hard to fuss to bad!) She loves to jump into the tub after I have taken a bath and like the water drops off of the side. She started to jump in one night when it was still full and I told her "No, there is still water in." After it drained, I told her "Ok, its empty." Now, whenever she wants to jump in, she barks and I can say either its full or its empty and she knows when she can get in. Such smart, sweet babies!!

Oct 17, 2012
by: sherry cotton candie

What an amazing story. I knew these dogs are special but that is truly wonderful. What a great helper Billie is to you. We send lots of hugs and best wishes to you all. I knew they love other animals but never thought about birds as I have none here in the house

I have noticed alot of tail wagging in the parks whenever there is geese-ducks etc. My little girls never have barked at them. These little dogs are just the very best all around dog ever.

Oct 16, 2012
Bird Luver
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

Jonah has always been good w/birds. I feed humming birds & sm birds the sugar water all year right off the patio. The winters I also keep a seed feeder full for the sm ones. We always have little birds around in the yard since most do not migrate because of our weather. Jonah just lays out their & never bothers to try to chase or bark at them..

The funny thing is where we live their is an 18 hole golf course in our community which attracts alot of pigeons espectionally now at over seeding. When I see the pigeons coming into the yard I will yell to Jonah pigeons & he will run out to chase them away. If he is laying outside & pigeons come into the yd. he will chase them out. It is funny to see him distinquish between which r welcome & which r not. Gotts luv these Cotons they r smart.

Oct 16, 2012
by: Ana Claudia Levin

I am amazed at your dog really. That's really wonderful! My Sophie Sebastian Bark, already caught and ate 3 little birds in the garden of my father. She mostly never succeeds, but in 3 years three birds... sad to tell.

Oct 16, 2012
by: Gale

Thanks so much for sharing Billie's story. Luc loves to chase birds; I always wonder what he would do if he caught one :)

Send in a photo of Billie when you get a chance - we'd love to see your special Coton hero.

Oct 16, 2012
Coton Heroes
by: Sandra

What a wonderful story. Our Coton is also a hero. She woke us up in the middle of the night making it very clear that she wanted us to follow her into the kitchen. When we did, we found the cat having seizures. Thankfully, we were able to get help in time due our hero Sissy. Love this breed!

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