Bijou Finally Happy With His Food!

Just wanting to share, after trying numerous puppy foods, i.e. Wellness, Blue, Orijen, Earthbond, California Natural, Royal Canin, wet, dry you name it, Bijou is now overjoyed with Natures Variety Instinct Raw Boost puppy!

We were so excited we did a dance. I have seen a lot of Coton owners have had fussy eaters. If you have not tried this food you may want to give it a shot. I wet it with warm water and pour it off right away. I also crumble up the freeze dried pieces over the kibble and mix it up. Bijou has not had puppy food for 5 weeks now and he is just 17 weeks old, so I am thrilled. Hope this food can help others like it did for us.

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Apr 03, 2021
Picky Eaters NEW
by: Abby’s MomAnonymous

So glad to read that lots of Coton’s are picky eaters! Abby is 20 months old and we have spent tons of $ on trying to find the right dog food. Like mentioned in other posts, just when we think we’ve found something, she stops eating it. Right now we’re on Royal Canine wet beef cakes in envelopes. It is very easy and has a good smell. However, I am now having to actually spoon feed her, and I will if that’s what gets her to eat. It has a calming incgegient in it, which she needs.

Aug 30, 2019
The Food Quandry NEW
by: Andrea

Like so many Cotons, our girl is allergic or cannot tolerate chicken, so we pulled all fowl just in case. Chicken made her throw up. After trying a variety of foods, we landed on Acana Lamb, and even better, Rawbble Lamb and Rawbble Pork. We use the kibble (mix the two or three types together), and also offer Rawbble freeze dried beef as her highest value treat. She also loves and will do anything for Itty Bites Lamb Lung treats. I'm sharing all of this because we went through quite an ordeal trying to find out what caused all the vomiting and then finding something enticing and healthy for her sensitive stomach. It's a little pricey, but she loves her food!

Jun 27, 2017
Home diets NEW
by: Pamela

For 14 years I home cooked for my Maltese because he would not eat the commercial Liver Diet he needed. When home cooking you need to make sure they get calcium and Omega 3. When he also developed heart issues and needed a different diet I went to U of Tennessee website and paid for a custom recipe for home cooking from their specialist vet. You can also, for a lower fee, get a commercial recommendation.

Feb 24, 2016
Bijou NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

I can tell how happy you are and sure hope Bijou will continue eating and enjoying his food. I have tried many also and not to bust your bubble but mine after a few meals are done with it.

Hope in your case this will be different. We worry so much about proper nutrition and I do want them to have the very best, but am beginning to think table food which they seem to love might keep them happier. It certainly would be cheaper, mine have picked on their kibble and raw food but do not enjoy it.

They were happy for awhile with vital fresh pet but now are refusing it along with the basic instinct raw. I throw out so much.

Good luck with Bijou - they are sure a special breed.

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