by Ronald
(Robertsdale Alabama )

My wife and I have a Coton. de Tulear which is named Bella. She is so smart. She is trained to ring the bells that my wife attached to the door nob to do her business. One time I wasn’t paying attention to her and she barked to go outside and do her business. Bella knows my wife sister and daughter name. When my wife says my wife sister and her daughters name she barks and goes to the door. Every time my sister and her daughter comes to pay us a visit she knows when they are coming.Every time the door bell rings she barks to let us know someone is at the door.

She is being trained to be an emotional support dog. I have an anxiety problem which she helps to calm me down. She knows where we sleep and runs to where we sleep. On the Fourth of July went to see the fire works, which she didn’t like. She began crying and acting up. I than rushed her to the car. While rushing to the car l began to cry like a baby . I was afraid of her being hurt.. I wouldn’t recommend for anyone to take this breed of dog to see fireworks. This type of dog is very good family dog.Bella is very good with children.

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Aug 27, 2019
Fireworks NEW
by: Dale

I have two cotons a male and female both 4 now. Buffy has just started being scared of fireworks and thunderstorms. She jumps in our lap and starts shaking really hard. After the storm or fireworks stop she is fine. Our Buddy is not bothered by the noise.

Jul 15, 2019
Lucky dog and lucky you NEW
by: Gaynor

Thank you for your letter, so interesting. Your Bella sounds wonderful and so clever. I wouldn't recommend taking any dog to a firework party. I have two Cotons who are litter sisters Crystal and Magic. They are 3 years old and adorable.

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