Are Coton de Tulear dogs only loyal to one person?

by Maria

Hello! We are thinking about getting a second dog, a Coton de Tulear to be exact. A couple of friends (one who owns a Coton and one who knows of another Coton owner) say that Cotons are extremely loyal only to its favorite family member. If the dog's favorite is away, then the dog has little interaction with other members.

Do you feel that this "favoritism" is a trait of the breed? Thank you for answering my inquiry.

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Jan 02, 2021
Coton loyalty NEW
by: Anonymous

We got our 13 month coton November 30 of 2019 and she is very loving and listens to every member of the household but everyone is right socializing is key to any and every dog

Oct 02, 2010
depends on the dog
by: Karla

My 4-year old coton was not well socialized. I am her "favorite" person. If I'm in the house and ask my son to take her out, more often than not, he will come back complaining that she won't walk. As soon as I go out, there's no problem with her moving. However, when she knows I'm not home, my son doesn't have issues taking her out. I guess it depends on the dog.

Aug 10, 2010
Coton companions
by: Gale

As a rule, the Coton de Tulear has been bred to be a very happy and sociable dog who loves everyone. They do tend to be territorial and will protect you if there's a perceived threat (strangers in the house, knocking on door). Like all dogs, the Coton needs to be socialized at a very young age and exposed to lots of people, places, sounds, and situations. If this doesn't happen, they will tend to be very attached primarily to their sole caretaker (which is pretty much true of most unsocialized dogs).

So if you want a dog who is happy to be around EVERYONE, just make sure to socialize him/her.

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