Amazing Coton de Tulear Puppies


Dear Coton loves, we are so happy to share with you new pictures of our puppies. They were born this Spring. My dogs Gio & Natasha, whose pictures were posted on this website almost 6 years ago along with my personal stories about them, had the most amazing puppies.

Along the way we've learned perfect way of grooming our Cotons at home, so they never have mats anymore & found out which dry food is working like a charm for them, so we have no reason to run to the Vet to treat any allergies or seasonal problems that many little dogs have.

Always happy to share it with you, dear Coton loves, if you are interested.

Have a Blessed & Happy Week.

Gio, Nata & 4 adorable Cotons

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Jul 04, 2016
Interested in a puppy NEW

Would U have any puppys left for sale ? And if so, how much ? Im in Burke Virginia, 20 minutes from Washington DC. I'm a 67yr female retiree and live alone .

Jun 23, 2016
Lanas dog food recommendation .. Mats NEW
by: judy

Dog food recommendations , extra vitamins & mineral how not to have mats. Thank you

May 14, 2016
Thank you NEW
by: Gale

Lana, thanks for sharing your diet and grooming tips. As always, your advice is very much appreciated. I'm so glad you found good homes for the puppies, but I understand how difficult it must be to say goodbye.

May 14, 2016
Small Grooming tips NEW
by: Lana

My Cotons have 2 different type of coats:
1. Bright white, silky, light & very luxurious:
Her coat looks better if I wash it Vellus Products like:
Vellus Clarifying Shampoo Concentrate
Vellus Show Shampoo Concentrate
Vellus Show Conditioning Concentrate
Vellus Static Stabilizer Spray
Vellus Tangle Out

Our BOY has very full, white, very attractive, but more difficult coat to take care of.
When his coat is wet - it looks slightly wavy.

Best grooming product for his type of coat is:
The Coat Handler Clarifying Shampoo
The Coat Handler Conditioner
The Coat Handler Detangler Spray
Nature's Specialties Quicker Slicker Detangling and Conditioning Spray

Must be thoroughly rinsed after each product you use.

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May 13, 2016
Our choice of dog food for Cotons NEW
by: Lana

Dear Coton lovers,

Sorry for the delay, but my day is pretty hectic due to taking care of puppies ...they are leaving us one by one,very stressful time for all of us, we got so attached to them, no words ...impossible to say good buy to any of them !!!

Food recommendations if you will ....

Castor & Pollux Organix Puppy Recipe with Chicken, Brown Rice and Flaxseed Dry Dog Food

For adult dogs - same brand, they have different choices of meat & fish, we like chicken or lamb)

ZiwiPeak Daily-Dog Cuisine Lamb Canned Dog - many different choices are available, my dogs love lamb.
I add only 1 tbl spoon to 1-2 full scoops of dry food - mix it well - it helps digestion & they totally love it.

Fido Belly Bone Small - treats - I buy it on
Fido Pet Belly Bone Yogurt Dog Bones are a good source of prebiotics and probiotics, for healthy digestion.
The unique V-groove design is easy to hold and massages gums & teeth. Belly Bone Yogurt Dog Bones contain natural ingredients like antioxidants, omega fatty acids and essential amino acids. They help to support a healthy immune system and enzyme production.

See how their stomach will react after the first treat...if not problem you can give it every day.

Castor & Pollux Organix Organic Cheddar Cheese Flavor Cookies Dog Treats, 12-oz bag (puppies LOVE these treats; big dogs not so much)

SmartBones SmartSticks Peanut Butter Chews Dog - ( not for puppies !) my adult dogs love these treat more then anything, but can't give them every day.

Fresh baby-carrots they eat every day !!!

Vitamins & minerals can be recommended by your Vet.

Also I learned that my dogs need more minerals & natural vitamins to keep their coat silky & smooth - freshly cooked chicken liver- works better for us mixed with dry food.

If any of you are interested in the recipe send me your email, please I will be happy to share it with you...

Dry foods & treats we buy usually at

Have a great day.

Lana & happy Coton family

May 10, 2016
Darling Babies NEW
by: Dolly Belle

What is the name of the dog food you use and how do keep their beautiful hair from matting?

May 07, 2016
Adorable! NEW
by: Connie Skarda

Such cuties! I'd have 10 Cotons if I could. We just love our sweet 5 yr. old Charlie. Life would be dull without him. He is our 4 legged child, and is treated that way.
Please do share all of the information about food and how you avoid mats.

Thank You,
Connie and Charlie

May 06, 2016
amazing puppies NEW
by: sherry candie cotton

What an adorable coton family. I do remember seeing mom and dads pics from way back and remember their names. I would sure like to find some magic dry food that they like and would love to hear about it either on here or my E-address is:

Thanks for sharing your pics and info. We can never learn enough about these great little dogs.

May 06, 2016
Beautiful Coton NEW
by: Anonymous

What happy Coton and so beautiful. I'm sure that's a smile for the camera. Congratulations on your puppies. I would also like to know what dry food you have found for your dogs. Please let me know at Thank you. Enjoy your Coton's.

May 05, 2016
Puppies NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Ur Coton family is simply adorable. It's always so nice to read when people learn the up keep of grooming w/their Cotons. I really believe that we do a better job of making sure weather their nails, ears, pads, mats etc. r taken care of we have less scratching, or allergy problems. Enjoy ur puppies.

May 05, 2016
Amazing Cotons NEW
by: Pam &Lacey

They are adorable. Please let me know about the grooming and dog food. Thank you. Pgmoffett@gmail

May 05, 2016
Dry food NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello! Adorable pups! Would you please mind sharing which dry food you've had the best luck with? My coton's allergies have been driving him crazy lately.

May 05, 2016
Are they real? NEW
by: Anonymous

They look like little toys; so cute! Yes please share your grooming and especially feeding tips.

May 05, 2016
Sharing NEW
by: Denise

Your puppies are adorable. I have one boy that is 14 months old. He is loved very much. Want more of these precious babies. Would you consider sharing what you feed them and your grooming tips. I want to groom mine, but never have attempted this before. The last groomer scalped my little guy He was uneven and shirt and long in different spots. So unhappy with groomers. Any info would be helpful. Here is my email if you want to contact me directly .

Have a good day

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