Always Hungry

by Sam

I have a 6 month old coton. She has recently been spayed (6 days ago) and ever since she has been very hungry.

Before she got spayed she would often turn her nose up at dry food, and only eat it after she was certain I wasn't going to give her different food (tried to give her dry food after eating wet food for a few days and she would not eat for three meals).

As a treat, I got her a can of wet food to help her take pain meds. I would mix some of the wet food in with the dry food. She loved it and would always finish the entire bowl very quickly. At first I thought it was just because I had added wet food, but because she seemed hungry still after finishing her meal I tried giving her half a meal of dry food and she ate all of it.

I feed her the recommended 3/4 cups of dry food per day (as stated by the feeding charts), and she always wants more.

Today was the first day I let her eat until she wasn't interested in the dry food and she finished eating at 1 and 3/8 cups of food. Almost 2x as much food as recommended.

Theories I have as to why she might be hungry:
-hungry from surgery?
-cold weather (below zero and windy when we go for walks)?
-growth spurt?

Is it possible she is still hungry? Are any of my theories plausible?

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Dec 12, 2014
Always hungry NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Some dogs will eat all day long hungry or other. Some thoughts r the type of food you might be using. Is it still a puppy food since your Coton is under 1 yrs old? Is your activity level high that possibly they need a more energy level food?

Certainly adding a small crushed up Hamburg (90% & higher fat level) size of soup spoon or some boiled or baked chicken adds protein in the cold. Alot of sheep farmers that use dogs for control of flock make a wholesome stew to go along w/food in excessive cold for high level activity.

Some blieve that Cotons r food sensitive bc of itching. I guess I have been lucky since when Jonah starts chewing on feet or itching I get the comb out & ck inbetween toes & pad & usually find a jagger of some sort & the same w/on the skin is usually the start of a mat w/a kind of jagger or dead grass that is the culprit. Their coats certainly r magnets.

Anyway back to food since not knowing your area type & activity level of your life y not give your vet a call for input that will help you level food brand w/activity level for your Coton. Fits in w/the same concept as if your dog is in agility or some type of high level exercise you adjust their food to a higher protein level.

Good luck let us know what your end result is to learn new suggestions in making sure food fits the energy level espectionally since we experience it at diff times bc of weather pertaining to the states we live in.

Dec 11, 2014
hungry puppy NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

I am not a vet or anything but have always had dogs, at 6 months they are growing and need lots of nutrition. Dogs like people are individuals and if she is still hungry I would feed her more.

NOW if she starts gaining too much weight you would have to cut back. the cold temps and activities would make her hungrier you are right about that....Have you asked the vet?

Just be sure she is eating quality food---not a bunch of treats.

I think the weight and food allowance on those bags give us a idea to go with but each one is different. Puppy's are usually very active and need lots of healthy nutrition.

good luck with her, let us know how she does.

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