All of the above and one or two

by Linda

Our dog passed away last January. I'm starting to get interested in a new companion. I discovered this unusual breed that I keep reading is the "perfect pet". Then I come across this page and whoa, what happened. Getting a little nervous about taking on a puppy again. I know each dog is unique but I have grandkids and thought the Coton loved everyone; not growlers, biters, etc.

Someone reassure me that it will be worth the time, expense, and trouble. And for the question - Because they are companion dogs and prone to separation anxiety, is it better to get two or would that really matter?

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Jul 14, 2015
Best puppy I never heard of
by: Truffles

I'd get 2 if money was no object. That said, I have just one now since I wasn't looking when I did get him & he is the sweetest funniest most loving smart & stubborn creature on this earth. I may soon look for another one.

No privacy for sure. He's learned the term "personnal space" when nature calls for those of us on two legs most often or he'd be in there too.

Good luck!

Jul 13, 2015
above or one or two
by: sherry cotton candie

If you are certain you want a coton I would really suggest finding a good breeder. They can help pick out a puppy not so shy that might make a good one in dealing with children. Mine were not raised around small kids and are not happy when they are around them. Lots of families do have small kids but rules need to be enforced as to how they are handled.....When young they could be hurt very easily by being dropped, stepped on or pulled.

They are wonderful little dogs, loving and like velcro, wanting to be with you all the time. NO PRIVACY EVER but just so cute and very smart.

Socialization is a must, they are friendly but also like to be a guard dog and tend to bark at outside noises. Lots of grooming is needed to prevent matting and as for getting one or two----if funds are not an issue I would recommend two. They do have anxiety when left alone and we decided to get a second dog to keep ours company when we could not take her with us. Makes a big difference.

Hope you find your perfect pet, lots of dogs to choose from and these have to be my favorite but they do require lots of love, time and attention more than any others I have ever owned.

Jul 13, 2015
training is a must with any breed
by: Anonymous

A dog, no matter what breed, is a dog and its the humans responsibility to train it properly and establish pack leadership to avoid dominance behavior. There is no breed that you can ignore the training and have a perfect pet. Make the effort, do the work and any breed will be your perfect pet. I will admit that the Coton was easier to train than any other breed I had and once you establish the proper leadership, are THE most loving breeds i have ever known.

Jul 12, 2015
All of the Above and for two
by: Allen

Our Caton, Ollie, is the best pet we could ever ask for. The older he gets, the better he becomes. He was a little skittish when we first got him home. He only liked me but now my wife is his best friend. He loves to play (which is good for our grand kids)He is a smart dog and catches on to things quickly. Very friendly but cautious. If something is out of place in our house, he lets us know by barking at it. I never thought I could say I love a dog, but I love Ollie.

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