Aggressive behavior

by Cindy Ravanis
(Pelham, Nh)

5 year old coton that is becoming aggresive when people walk pass the house or when we are leaving the house to go someplace with out him. He continuously barks and now is beginning to nip at people's legs.

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Aug 30, 2019
please read : 11Things book
by: Danuta

Please check for minimal vaccinations!!
11Things book :
Routine vaccinations are probably the worst thing that we do for our animals. Veterinary immunologists tell us that vaccines need only be given once or twice in an animalís life. First, there is no need for annual vaccinations and, second, they definitely cause chronic disease.

Adverse reactions to vaccines include:
• immediate reactions, which occur in the first 24 to 48 hours and include pain, swelling, and anaphylactic (respiratory crisis) problems
• delayed reactions, which occur 10 to 45 days later and include fever, stiffness, seizures, and greater susceptibility to infections
• long-term effects, which include permanent damage to the immune system, increased susceptibility to chronic diseases, and severe behavioral changes (fearfulness or aggression)

Jul 04, 2018
Detective work NEW
by: Anonymous

Great response from previous person! There is ALWAYS a reason for behavior changes. It's up to us to determine the cause so we can find the best solution. Good luck.

Jul 04, 2018
New aggressive behavior NEW
by: Anonymous

What is different? Have you recently had your lawn fertilized? Has an exterminator applied toxins for mosquitoes or other pests?

What is in your dog's food? Did you get a flu shot at the vet's for your dog? Did your dog accidentally get into a human's prescription drug or nutritional supplement? Has your dog accidentally been fed known toxins like chocolate by an unknowing young child or other human?

When did this new behavior start? What's different in the family environment? Is the dog being ignored or less time spent with the dog?

Is there a new baby in the house so that the dog is being put second now? Have you stopped brushing the dogs hair/regularly brushing the dog's teeth? What do your dog's teeth look like? Have the dog's teeth been cared for at the vet with correct dental care?

There are a lot of questions you can ask and research. If something changed in the dog's routine, examine that and adjust appropriately. Is someone privately mistreating the dog?

Did a senior suddenly move into the house and the senior is mistreating the dog and fibbing about it? Is a child mistreating the dog?

My husband and I are taking care of Mom's coton. She's got dementia and forgot to provide adequate care for the dog. We had to have the vet pull 22 teeth. The dog's teeth were a mess. Once removed, the dog is happy again.

When behavior changes occur, there is always a cause. Find out the cause and then you may be in a better position to address what to do to improve the situation. Good luck. Keep us posted.

We love our cotons!

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