Aggressive behavior to me

by Carol Faith
(Lansing MI)

My dog Marley can be very aggressive toward me and my husband. When we try to catch him chewing on thing he should not be chewing on, when we want him to come into the house after being taken out to potty, and when we find he has popped in our dining room floor. These situations seem to be triggers for jumping and bitting us. He is taking Trazadone suggested by the Vet. He take 1/2 of 50mg pill twice a day. Marley is 10-1/2 months old now and his behavior seems to be worse about 6 hours after taking his medications. After trying clicker training and talking with a behaviorist with no success I signed you for K-9 training and when Marley has his collar on he behaves when he can see the control, but before the collar goes on in the morning or if I forget to put the controller where he can see it is when he suddenly gets aggressive. Has anyone had this problem and resolved it.

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Feb 28, 2020
For Iris
by: Carol Faith

Thank you Iris. I will look into how to correctly discontinue the Medications to make sure this is causing the aggressive goes away or is at least lessens. Yes this is not my first puppy, but it has been at least 50 years .
What I don’t understand is how 99% of the time Marley gets along fine with us and all of a sudden out of the blue he starts growling and bitting. We have never physically abused him, even when he is in this state. I will admit I am afraid of him, as even when I turn my back this does not deter him. I always try to get him on the sofa so I can start scratching his belly. If his E collar is not on I put it on as he never attacks when he is wearing it. When he bits me he does not break the skin, but with my husband who’s skin is thin he tears the skin and draws blood. That is the main reason I have tried the Trazadone.

Feb 27, 2020
Marley’s aggression NEW
by: Iris

Sorry to say, it sounds like it may not be a good match for Marley,.,The aggression comes from fear, and you may be right, the meds are making it worse. After bad experiences with dog meds, I would not continue giving Marley the drugs.
Are you first time dog owners? I am wondering if you’re having too high expectations of a puppy.,
He needs love and patience. Child psychology works better than the discipline you have tried.
Blessings and love to Marley, mom and dad.
May all be well.
. 🙏🏼💕

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