About my cotons tooth

My coton has a tooth growing into her pallet. Is this common in this breed? Also is it bad to spade her as a puppy or will it stunt her growth?

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Dec 12, 2013
cotons tooth NEW
by: Anonymous

A tooth growing in palette isn't normal and needs extracting. From personal experience when I was young I had a molar grow in my palette and it had to be ectracted. It was also uncomfortable and although I was able to eat it affected my bite and the way I chewed my food. I would take your baby to the vet and have him look at it.

Nov 27, 2013
Coton tooth NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Give ur VET a call on the tooth.

I have read opinions that u should let your dog's hormones or testosterone kick in b4 being fixed.

If it does not disrupt the household it would b a good conversation to have with ur vet or surf the web & read some of opinions why.

I waited w/ Jonah until 1.5 yrs a little longer just because I did it in July so he would be laid up during the hottest part of yr when u avoid the outside.

I will say I do not have the problem of him marking in the house or when we visit. He does not mark everything when we walk, dog park,agility, back yard.

He goes potty & were good. Now I don't know if this was an end result from waiting to fix him but some I have compared with have similar result.

Again check with VET & read info then make informed decision.

Nov 27, 2013
Tooth NEW
by: Iris

A tooth growing in the palate of his mouth?That has to be very painful, and if you don't have a Vet already, please establish yourself with one, so they will be familiar with your dog. Maybe it needs to be extracted? Ask those important questions and guidance from a Professional Veterinarian, it's worth it. I once had a puppy that had three sets of teeth! The Vet had to extract two full sets of teeth. I'm glad he noticed them when I brought the dog for a first time check up when I got him. I never would have looked in the puppy's mouth otherwise. If he hadn't had his teeth out he would have died, because he would not be able to eat, they would rot and cause infection, make him sick and, the end.
My Coton Tuffy was like a child when he started losing his baby teeth. Each time one fell out he would come up to me and either drop it on the floor in front of me, or put it in my hand (I thought dogs usually swallow them) . Anyway, this dear Tuffy of mine is teaching me more about himself than any dog I ever had.And yes, we do have Vet emergencies from time to time. The most serious, he had Lyme disease from a tick that go un-noticed because my dog's hair is so long and those Lyme ticks are tiny and was in excruciating pain, the Vet had to put him on antibiotics for a full month. Thank goodness, he is okay now, but we still have to test him periodically, it never goes away it is only dormant. Good luck, and enjoy your pup!
love and blessings, Iris and Tuffy

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