A new Addition

by Diane
(Suffolk County NY)

My Three Sons.  Stevie, Spanky & Gleason

My Three Sons. Stevie, Spanky & Gleason

Some of you may remember us... Spanky & Gleason Escobar! We have been so busy we have not posted on this site in some time. Well, now we are even busier as we adopted another fur kid to love. Not a coton, but a rescue and animal abuse survivor. His name is Stevie, we believe to be a Chiahuahua / Maltese mix aprox 1 yr old.

Stevie was one of 5 dogs that were being kicked and punched by a teenage boy for crying and whining. Apparently out of the 5 dogs, Stevie took the brunt of it. All the dogs were removed from the home and the other 4 who were more outgoing, were quickly adopted. Stevie however was very timid and shy, understandably so, and took a bit longer to find a home. We felt that what Stevie needed was a home he could find good role models in, and what better role models than sweet Spanky and Considerate Gleason.

He is now with us a week and 3 days and doing fantastic. Happy, loving and absolutely wonderfully behaved dog. We could not ask for a better addition. My boys even help me promote my business successfully. I am a real estate agent and with that I like to give back to the animal in need by donating a portion of my fee to the animal shelter of the clients choice! Its doing very well and while im helping people with their Real estate needs, i am also helping Pets in need!!!!

Its been wonderful and im grateful that my boys help me spread the word! I guess you can consider them a working breed now. LOL! You can follow their story on their Facebook page Spank-Glea's Houze (we may incorporate Stevies name in there but not sure how yet). https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spank-Gleas-Houze/123107431104024

You can also visit the business page for more info regarding the donations to animal rescue groups. https://www.facebook.com/dianeescobarcoachrealtors

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Aug 14, 2015
by: Reenie & CoCo

I hear so much about dog rescue shelters and adoption for abused dogs and puppies. Your efforts and FaceBook page are to be commended.

In your story you talk about the teenage boy who kicked the doggie cause he was yelping & whining. Poor little puppy, he was trying to ask to go "pee pee".

I've also read many a stories from loving mommy's that are proud their Coton puppy is "trained" in cages, can "hold" his pee pee for hours! Poor little boy, his puppy bladder is no bigger than a green pea.

I've read stories from loving daddy's that are proud their firm word is obeyed, their Coton puppy quit barking. Poor little boy, his spirit is broken.

Can't we hear what our puppies & doggies are trying to commuicate to us? It's their hereditary role to alert us to strangers. When we attend the door their bark stops as soon as we confirm "we are safe". If a stranger is there all it takes is an introduction by name and category "Uncle Bill" and the bark warning is answered.

When puppy stools are too solid, rather than a Vet bill, try adding Olive Oil, butter or bacon fat to the diet. When the puppy can't eat hard dry nibblets, scratching his tender internal tissues, try juicy home roasted chicken with yams and butter!

My Coton loves warm milk each morning. Liquids help soften stools and milk is filled with natural earth minerals and calcuim!

I've witnessed male domination over big dogs and our little Coton puppies, no bigger than a man's upper arm, are bullied into submission breaking their happy spirit. Why doesn't the ego centered dominate owner 'teach by showing' their sensitive Coton puppy how to do something new? After all, the Coton will do anything to please us if we just whisper our request lovingly.

I've read numerous complaints of Coton puppies spotting their territory indoors. Well, if you're locked in a tiny cage you may come to reason the bigger house is "out there". Rather than scold, just increase the doggie's home space by including regular "outside" walks!

I've witnessed more verbal "No!", then the owner wonders why the puppy doesn't listen. No's reserved for immediate danger would get full attention if the puppy didn't hear the "no" word hundreds of times each day. Where is positive reinforecement training?

Our dear little Coton's respond so well to whispers, to sentences, to explaining. They are not like big dogs. They don't need old school dominate training techniques. Actually their stubborn nature just cones out more! When I & CoCo walk with the leash I ask him to walk like a "big boy" AND HE DOES! His innate Royalty strut is at my heels.

My point is, abuse of Coton puppies and doggies would stop if the owners, including children, were TAUGHT how to communicate with a sensitive, highly intelligent, extremely loving, dog. Registered Breeders need to pass out special awareness training booklets for their Breed!

We need to educate the owners that Coton's communicate well. Each bark, each whine, each lick, each 2 legged poise, is a communication. We just need to learn their talk.

Of course a Coton Puppy will cry when his momny is gone. After all, ALL baby animals will do the same. When mommy is gone the baby thinks he's lost. His innate nature is to cry aloud SO THAT HIS MOMMY can find him! The cure? Just explain where mommy is going, for how long and give puppy a role: "Watch the house for momny and don't let anybody in the door. Bark only if so someone comes in".

Most barks are: "I need to pee". Many new owners don't know that physiology wise the little Coton has a tiny bladder and must pee pee often. Holding the urine too long just increases bladder and kidney disease.

I read an owner of a Coton bathed her puppy "regularly": once every three months. She claimed to use fur powder to successfully stop his smell between baths. My coton puppy has HAIR and he loves to be clean! Once a week bath, with a very mild homemade shampoo and he's happy, happy! I use pure essential oils (Lavendar drops & Jojoba Oil) for natural flea control.

Do we accept the Vet's standard dosage of rabies shot, the same dosage as a big dog, for our little tiny Coton dog? Or do we find a Vet that tends to the sensitivity of small dogs such as a Coton? Before an adverse allergic or over-dose reaction?

Communication skills for little Coton's: The most loving puppy or doggie rescue parent may say "no" too often, in a given day, hurting their pet's internal physical being by not hearing the "PeePee" bark correctly and perhaps breaking the puppy's spirit with too many "No's". Just because they too didn't know the Coton personality.

I'm in favor of rescue campaigns but I'm also wishing to encorage enlightment by way of teaching communication skills to owners with Coton puppies and Coton doggies.

Do you think your FaceBook page, or your financial contributions, could raise awareness of such?

Jun 26, 2015
New addition NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

Congrats on your new addition to your family. Welcome Stevie.

Jun 25, 2015
new addition NEW
by: sherry cotton candie

Congrats on your new addition!!! He is a sweet looking little guy and very lucky to have you add him to your family.

Always loved seeing Spanky and Gleason and reading about what they have been doing. Glad they love their new brother. Lots of
fun at your house I am sure.

Jun 25, 2015
The boys NEW
by: Gale

Stevie is a lucky boy to have found such a loving family. I love following all the boys' antics on their Facebook page.

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