A brother for BB?

by Regina
(New York)

Hi all. BB's biological mom & dad had a new litter, and his brother is looking for a new home. We are considering adopting him, but even though we already have a Coton, we really don't know the right $$ for him. We are not showing or breeding. BB's sister from the same litter had a health problem and he did too (one of his testicles didn't drop so he HAD to be fixed -- although we were going to do it anyway).

Any suggestions on what the right price to pay is. I hate questioning the money cause we love our boy so much and couldn't imagine life without him. I feel like I am negotiating the price for a child. I just don't know what a fair price is given that we now know how much work they are.

The new pup is coming to visit at noon tomorrow. I know it will be all downhill from there -- cause once i see him i know i will fall in love. It will ultimately be BB's decision on how they get along. Would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

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May 15, 2012
BB's brother
by: DeMarie Rossi

LOL I was wondering too!!!!

May 14, 2012
BB & brother
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

I can not believe u have not let us know. Did u get a new puppy? If so I am so excited for u how great. Can't wait to here. If not that is ok. Some times it is not meant to be. Bebe is still the main one. i'm so curious.

May 13, 2012
Coton puppies
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

Wow I feel that is alot of money to pay for a puppy quality in any pure breed. But this is just my opionion. But as long as u are happy with that price that is all that counts. I would much rather spend the x-tra monies on fun sports I can share with my pup ie. agility etc.

I will say that if u read genetics on undesireable hereditary traits an undescended testicles is right up there. Also u have 2 pups from the same line that have shown recessive genes carried down by the offspring. I do not know what was wrong w/ur BB but u said u had some problem.

All I am trying to say is that some times the monies saved can go into a reserve fund for a possible rainy day. Also their is nothing wrong w/checking with their Vet as to when he examined the pup & knows the parents to get a feel for what the Vet thinks.

Again I am not directing any accusations toward the breeder I am just stating what I feel from the info I have. It is a challanging job for breeders working with 39 pairs of chromosomes & more then 25,000 genes, which is why dog breeding is an art & not an exact science.

God bless the breeders for working so hard to produce such wonderful Cotons. Most successful breeders are the ones who see the faults in their own dogs as readily as they see them in their rivals. Good breeders are the 1st to tell u that championships do not always indicate merit & do not always give indication of quality. Good breeders luv lots of ques. from perspective buyers. Good luck. Again follow ur inner voice & u will do wonderfully.

May 13, 2012
by: DeMarie Rossi

Many years ago I purchased a puppy quality pup from a breeder and paid 1500 at that time - so I would think anywhere from 1000 to 1500 would be still fine today, since the new pup can't be shown etc... Maybe the breeder will allow you to make payments if you find you just have to have him :). Hugs to you and BB!!!

May 12, 2012
BB's brother
by: Vicky & Jonah (Az)

I had gotten Jonah from a retired poodle breeder who had looked for a Coton for 2 yrs. Her husband had gotten sick & she could not do both. I had looked for a Coton some 20 yrs ago when my maltese/poodle mix passed since they were comparable in temperament. Yet here in Px. Az. the were hard to find local & very rare.

So I jumped at the chance since my Silky had passed away. She sold him to me for $500. at the age of 6 mos. He had all his shots & was ready to license. He came without papers (thou they are not AKC yet in US) which I could of gotten but was not important since I planned on having him fixed.

I forgot what age if u said but I would have to think since he has male issues & BB has issues I would ques. breeding line that she may be starting with. Now this is not to say she is a bad breeder but possibly new to the breeding circuit & learning about mixing bloodlines. So possibly u may need to put a stash away for a rainy day in case of future issues.

Most breeders I have meet along the dog world of show, obedience & agility when a pup is pet qual. they will work w/u knowing that they have gone to a safe & loving home ovr a high return on the $.

Depending on the age does the pup need more shots if under 6 mos.? Has he finished his shots & the rabies? Then u will of course have another rabies also @ 1 yr + the 3 in 1. Then are u to pay for having the dog fixed? Then their is the expence of probably a microchip which is wise to get (humane association $40. usually).

Has the breeder had x-rays done to ck. for hip dysplasia or leggs calve perthes disaease which is in alot of small & lrg. breeds? Both deal with the hip joint & is an expensive problem. What is the guarantee in case of a problem? Are u well aquainted w/this breeder or do u just know them from ur previous purchase?

Is this breeder tied to the community or could they disappear if ever u do have a problem? So I guess what I am saying is have ur ques. intact. Ask what they think is fair & always offer lower. Humane nature is to always ask for more then u expect to get. It is the American way. (: Then the biggest of all is to trust ur judgement. Listen to ur inner voice & u will know the correct answer. Good luck I hope some of this helped. I am sorry it is so long. Let us know what u decide on. U will be fine.

May 12, 2012
Cost per puppy
by: Wendy

Price must depend where you live. Our puppy was definitely not from a puppy mill and was only $1200. Perhaps somewhere in the middle of these two prices would work. Sending you best wishes.

May 12, 2012
Puppy price
by: Anonymous

If you're working with a code of ethics breeder (and you should be) that does all the appropriate health testing a companion quality dog should run you about $2500 in my recent experience. Less than that and I'd be concerned about the quality of their care and commitment to healthy pups (aka puppymill). Good luck on your adoption!

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