2 year old Coton and male pup havanese

by Edmond

I rescued 2 year male old Coton he came from a breeder in good health but is shy and is coming out of his shell very well huge improvement in just a few weeks. At this time well at the same time I purchased a pup male havanese that will be here in about a week he is coming from the same breeder who I have checked and found they were a respected kennel.But I am a bit worried about having two males and how my Coton will react? He is very gentle.What do you think?

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Nov 26, 2013
2 dogs NEW
by: Vicky & Jonah

I think u will b fine. They r in the same dog family in temperament. Remember when u introduce them to use the tweet system. Also 1st 1 in house gets treats & food 1st. Pack mentality.

When the both come for attention pet Coton 1st treat while petting pup treat so they look at each other as a good thing.

Teach your pup to respect 2 yr old that might not like to b jumped on starting out while they adjust to groove of $'s other. Any growl out of Coton gets a verbal sharp AH AH.

A growl will not b tolerated at any time u r the leader. Again I'm talking about verbal reinforcement. Please remember a puppy has sharp nails & teeth so they must learn that it hurts the 2 yr old.

For yourself when the pup tries to chew or nip at ur hands try butter on your hands which forces the behavior of licking which changes the outcome of nipping.

Good luck & patient. How exciting for u a new puppy.

Nov 25, 2013
2 year old Coton and male pup havanese
by: Anonymous

Our Caton is 2 years old, and he loves to play. He is also rescued. The only problem is if the other dog does not want to play. Our dog will not run, he will continue trying to play until the other dog gets mad, then a fight starts.

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