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Teddy 5/24

This year is Teddy's first birthday and he has had a great first year of being a puppy. We want to celebrate how much fun we've had with him this year

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1st heat cycle, vet says either Coton has a pseudo preg.or is pregnant

Cotton behind 6 ft wooden fences with exception of 4 ft gate. Vet says either coton has a pseudo preg., or is pregnant. Going back for checkup 3 weeks.

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Going Potty #2

Does anyone's dog do this when they are going #2? Jasmine goes in circles. First one way and then another, about 10 times before she finds the right

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Theo (pronounced Tay-oh, is french) 20.05.13

Theo is a friendly, outgoing dog who loves everyone, from babies to the infirm. He puts a smile on the faces of the passers-by in our local towns as he

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Celeste May 16th,2007

Celeste is a puppy mill mom, we rescued her two years ago this month. She would not respond to anything,afraid of noise of any kind, would not walk past

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COOPER Zorro 4-6-06-----14

It has been 4 months since my Cooperman passed. I have had a tough time of it - so much love lost. I'm seeing a therapist to help me. I have been told

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Waiting for mommy to take us for a stroller ride

Hi Buffy and Buddy are very patient as I get ready for our evening walk. They love riding together in their jogger stroller . The stroller is the best

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Walter loves his new car!

Walter has been driving for a while now but wanted a car to suit his coat!

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Bossy Wonderful Eloise

When I fostered Eloise then adopted Eloise she was a Maltese mix. I have lived with her for five years now and she is still listed as a Maltese mix. I

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Should I still adopt a puppy if I have to take a weekend trip 2 months later.

My Family and I have been thinking about getting a puppy this summer for a while now. I found a breeder who will be having puppies soon. However we have

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Tulia in her K9 Top Coat

I have found this site so helpful in answering my questions on this rather rare breed. I live in Bermuda and have had so many problems with burrs, needles,

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Important questions BEFORE buying a Coton puppy

Dear Everyone, Me and my family are about to buy our first dog ever and we are absolutely in love with this particular breed not just for its looks, but

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Charly boy

1 YEAR yesterday ,my Charly died ! , and I have missed him everyday day since . I JUST WANT TO ASK anyone ,How you coped and how did you stop that soaring

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Tell me about "heat" cycles for cotons

How long are coton females in heat? I don't want to breed but have two females 7 months old

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Head shaking

Our year old male coton started having short episodes of involuntary head shaking. He's had them mostly when he's lying down and lifts his head but during

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Little Lucy the Diva

Lucy was my first foster. Needless to say, I flunked fostering because I fell in love with her. She was only 3 months old when I got her. She is now 7

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Understanding and correcting dog marking

Understanding dog marking is the first step to finding a solution for this unwanted behavior.

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I need help for separation anxiety

Should I leave my 22 months old coton de tulear with a pet sitter b/c we are planning a vacation (5to 6 days may be)??He is very attached to me and very

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Housebreaking for Linda in Ontario

Here's a picture from Tuffy for your Coton. He cooperated with a sample on his pee pad by the door. Good luck and stay well, and love your Coton.

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I would like to get your opinions please. I board Saylor Jane one week out of the year. Other than that, she is never exposed to other dogs that I do

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