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Bowie pup nose

Bowie came to us at 5 mo from a local rescue. He was rescued in Thailand with two sisters and flown to Los Angeles. He's slow to potty train . Adorable

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Solution for dingy gray paws

My girl Jazz suffered from dingy gray paws for 3 months. I did not want to use a brightening shampoo. The solution came when we evacuated to a hotel during

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Ever since my Coton was neutered and microchipped in April he has continually gotten scabs on him.They just appear all of a sudden, mainly behind his ear,

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My coton has been in heat for 2 weeks and doing well. Today she doesn't want to eat or drink. Normal?

Nothing further to ask.

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At what age is my Puppy an adult.

My Puppy, Bijou, is now nearly 11 months old. She has had her first period over 3 weeks ago. At what age does she become a 'junior, adult dog?! I am

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New puppy questions - separation anxiety, sleeping etc.

We are bringing home a Coton puppy very soon. I have a few questions for all you seasoned Coton owners. I work from home part time so I will be with the

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Fall 2017 Coton de Tulear Events

If you are near Chicago, Boston, Seattle or Jacksonville this Fall, come to one of these Coton de Tulear events. It’s a fun, relaxed way to meet other

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Cali🐶 Kat's new DO!

Cali🐶 is 8 1/2 years old. She has always had long flowing locks ... I finally took the plunge and gave her a 'ferocious' lion cut.💕 We walk 2-4 miles

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Ringo Starr

Ringo will be three years old in November. He is the love of our lives. Of course he is very spoiled. Cotons are the best.

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One of my 7 mo old puppy' s eye seems to be losing its color. Has anyone experienced something like this. I

I have a vet appointment next week if he is open as I live in Venice fl and we are waiting for Irma. Her eye seems to be losing its color but you can

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Maxwell September 4, 2013

Maxwell loves ice cream and blueberries. I always make a human and dog friendly cake served with vanilla ice cream and we sing happy birthday.

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We got her and brought her home from north dakota. when I would come home in the morning she would be right there and wait for me to get in bed and covered

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Izzie Pierre, August 28, 2012

A true Coton personality, Izzie is a funny guy and loves to be loved. He also loves a schedule for our daily life and loves his toys. He is an only fur

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My Babies JJ and Beau

These are the best dogs I have ever owned!!! They are silly, playful and loving!!!

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Our beautiful billy is 7 months old and we all love him to bits he's our first dog and we could not have asked for anything better

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Pip, August 16th.2016

He is very protective of his pack and a wonderful little guy.

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My coton prefers sleeping on tile floors

My coton pants often and prefers to sleep on tile floors instead of crate or dog bed. Is this a normal behavior.

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Heidi, August 8, 2005

Heidi will let our 96-year-old Mom pick her up during the day. Heidi will lay beside her in the recliner for a long time. Mom has adopted Heidi as her

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Skin pimenatation under the coat

She has darker patches of skin that are clear when she's wet or has had a summer cut Is this normal? My vet seems to think it's nothing to worry about

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Does anyone have a coton who has focal seizures??

My 3 yr old coton is having episodes of tilting his head backward and sniffing the air while his head is raised. The episodes have been off and on for

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